By Tom Stosberg

Tis way past time for the Big XII conference to show Missouri the door. If conference officials had any sense or self respect they would hold a press conference right now to announce that University of Missouri is no longer a member of the league.

What puzzles me is why in the world they want to keep this nothing program?

Did I say nothing? Let’s do a little Google search. How many National Championships have the Tigers racked up in their long and legendary  football history.  Answer: ummm…None.

Well, how many NCAA basketball championship trophies in the Mizzou trophy case. Answer. Let’s see … uh … Zero.

And in their 21 NCAA Tournament appearances, how many times have the rough ‘n’ tough Tigers made it to the final Four? oooh … uh … Zippo.

Face it, the only reason for keeping Missouri in the Big XII is so they can provide extra wins to the biggies to help elevate the Bowl status of Texas. Oklahoma and OSU. These teams certainly don’t want to lose one of their favorite perennial doormats.

So I say, kick ’em out and replace them with one of the most exciting, up-and-coming, TOTAL athletic program in the nation, University of Louisville in this conference realignment thing.

One more thing.  Nobody, but nobody, not even the rumor monger New York Times or America’s gossip mill ESPN suspects that the SEC and the Big Ten (12) are at this moment  taking a long look at Louisville (since the Big XII has brought all this attention to us). If the Big 12 fiddles around long enough considering Louisville, they may just get blindsided.  You may want to write that down.

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By Tom Stosberg

Tom Stosberg and his wife, Linda, also an active participant on this site, have been U of L fans for nearly 40 years. Tom is self-employed by MarketFit, Inc., an outsource marketing advisory. Tom worked in radio, television and advertising for 35+ years. His web site is located at

16 thoughts on “Here’s your hat, Missouri, what’s the hurry?”
  1. You idiot. If you think that a founding member of the Big 6, Big 8 and Big 12 is impressed by U of L, think again. I didn’t even know you had a football team until you were rejected by the Big 12. I hope that you end up in the Big????? so that you can deal with Texass and the Okies. We are headed to the SEC and I wish that the Big 12-2-1+1-1 would kick us out so that we could begin next year’s season in a stable conference. You twit.

    1. Hes right dey aint won S**t. U of L is by far a better all around program. Do ya research before u call somebody twit sucker lol

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Le Mizz,but before you start reeling off your long list of National Championships let’s talk SEC.
    Last time I checked, they weren’t exactly begging The MizzDogs to come on down. While I’m sure that all your fans are lovely folks, kind and gentle, good and nice just like you, I don’t think you’re quite in touch with reality.
    Actually, it would serve you right to get in to the Southeastern Conference because it is loaded with lots of big, nasty, badboy football teams who are likey to send the Tigers back home licking their wounds whimpering the way they do the Kitties 86 miles down the street from us.
    In any event, I wish you no ill will…just don’t get too cocky…the REAL Tigers, LSU and Auburn are licking their chops to get to a nice Mizzou meal.

  3. Your kind words about the University of Missouri shows a complete lack of knowledge in regard to the history of college athletics. I didn’t know that U of L held any animosity toward MU. We’re not rivals, we have no shared history, why would you say that MU is a “nothing” program? And you know nothing about the malfunction that is the BIG Whatever. MU fans know the quality of our school. We know we are not a top tier athletic program and we don’t pretend to be. We just want out of the Big Mess. The reason that you are on the outside looking in is because Texas and Oklahoma can’t decide on anything. Have fun with the LHN and the soon to be Sooner Network. You deserve it for not doing any research on the BIGish or the University of Missouri before you trashed it.

  4. First of all, I’m not even going to call you a booger head because I do not believe in name calling.

    2nd of all I did not trash your program, I simply stated historical fact.

    But bite on this, 76, you guys need to split or get off the pot…Mizzwoo is going to screw around and end up in the Sun Belt Conference where you will likely get pounded like a bent nail.

    Oh and while we’re just playin’ kissy…
    Nice stadium, real nice stadium, did you get a free bowl of soup with that stadium?

    Honestly and truly I think MU is a great school with great Alumni..Sheryl Crowe?…give me a break…Fulbright Scholar?

    No…I kid because I’re all great folks and I wish we could all meet around a campfire and eat walnuts.
    Hugs & Kisses

  5. Alright, you redneck hillbilly, you and your scum sucking Senator can have what you want. But if you will check your history, Missouri had one contested football National title in the 60’s, we were ranked number one only a couple of years ago, we dominate OSU in football as well as BB, and check to see how many Big 8 Basketball titles we won. Norm Stewart was one of the best BB coaches ever. Under Mike Anderson we won the Big 12 BB tournament not long ago. MU was undefeated in the last year of the Big 8 before it morphed into the Big 12, and since we seem to be about the same age, the 1990’s aren’t ancient history to either of us. How many times has L of U been ranked number one in football? I want to apologize for calling you a redneck hillbilly. I really believe you are just a poltroon without a clue.

  6. Calm down M76er, Don’t get your Lace panties all twisted up in a granny knot, we both know that THE University of Missouri is wonderful..yada, yada….cum by ah and all that crap. Here’s the story, moaning glory, we just need MizzWhiz to get out of the way so we can get on with the business at hand.

    A poltroon? A poltroon? I’ll have you know I happend to be part Indonesion Hugarian and part Amaretto Angina and I am highly offended at my reflection in my toaster. So there!

    What is the awful wait…what is taking you so long? do you need bus fare? And furthermore using words that I don’t understand is typical of roughians like you who are out to hurt my feelings.
    Did you bite on that? Guess what skunk breath your St. Louis Cardinals are going to get pounded by TEXASS …put that in your Poo-hole and smoke it.
    Just kidding Albert is a close personal friend of mine.
    Our wives used to buy the same kind of tomatoes.

    So don’t talk to me anymore unless you’re going to type soomething. God bless the pygmies in Africa. Amen

    Earth to MIzzou…the ghost of old ball coach, Don Faurot is not going to rise up from the grave and lead. Tigers to the glory days of the ’30’s and 40’s.

    Yeah, sure, I know the whole country is still talking about the 20-14 victory over SMU in ’48 and the big win over Kansas State in ’23. But even the dipsticks at ESPN knows there were bad calls in both games.

    Amen again.

  7. To get serious. MU isn’t holding things up, The BIGish is trying to get every dime they can out of us and intend on keeping us through the 2012 season. We want out, but can’t get out. A&M had the same experience. Ken Starr, if you can believe it, threatened to sue both the SEC and A&M. Ken Starr of Baylor….Baylor? Now there is a nothing program. Oh, by the way, the real Cardinals just sent the World Series to the 7th game. How many World Series Titles does the city of Louisville have….I’m sorry, you don’t play professional sports in Kentucky.

  8. Boys, boys…calm down. Take a step away from the computer and a deep breath.

    76…contrary to what you might believe, the University of Louisville had some very good football teams under Howard Schnellenberger, John L. Smith and Bobby Petrino.
    Wins in the Fiesta Bowl, Orange Bowl and several Liberty Bowls. The program is in good hands with Charlie Strong and it will be a contender for more major bowls beginning next year. Whatever conference UofL ends up in. These are the facts.

    Tom…Don’t worry, be happy. You’ll get your wish. Missouri will be an SEC member. If not this week, by next week. The question at hand is does the BIG 12 take Louisville, West Virginia or both? They’ll add someone when Missouri leaves. Once again, the timeline may take longer than we hope or want.

    Missouri has proven their worth over the years in both hoops and football. So has UofL. Now, let’s hope the Cardinals can whip surprising Syracuse Saturday and hope fora Rutgers upset over WVU.

    Good things come to those who wait.

  9. The Commonwealth’s professional sports franchise is the basketball academy at the University of Kentucky. They are the proud holders of many SEC basketball titles, several NCAA sanctions and not much else. Welcome to the Souteastern Conference.

    1. Quin,
      They will probably leave in the feeding tubes for a while after you come out of your coma….that will keep you from slobbering down the front of yourself at least for a while.
      There’s no arguing that UK is paid like a pro team…the only question to be answered now by the NCAA is…how much?

  10. Wow, this conference re-alignment stuff has us all cranky & touchy!

    I agree it’s weird how long Missouri is taking. Missouri fans, do you know why they’re taking so long to decide. They are making things even more difficult on a lot of schools.

    I honestly hope no schools get burned by this. If we are to go to 16-teams conferences, I hope there are 5 of them. That way, more schools get included, rather than excluded. And the big boys better not alienate too many of the small schools. They need them a lot more than they realize.

  11. Neinas, the interim Big XII commish brokered a truce between the WVU/UL factions w/in the Big XII. Monday, there will be a qualifying vote to offer BOTH programs. The conference will sit at 11 and wait to hear from Missouri, which could stay, since the conference will have stabilized (which is their only reason for leaping to their death in the SEC).

    Chip Brown at broke the news last night.

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