The bickering gets ugly at times and doesn’t reflect well on University of Louisville fans who frequent message boards.

Without conference realignment to kick around, some of the people on the boards are childishly taking out all their frustrations on each other.

That’s the only rational explanation for the round-the-clock bashing on them since changes took effect Saturday at midnight. The level of snipping and gossip resembles a major hen party, and appears to be actively encouraged by at least one of the sites.

To top it off, someone invited everyone who had been banned over years at the Louisville Scout site back into the fold. Many of the banned obviously included University of Kentucky fans who came merely to bash UofL. Others included people who simply got on the wrong side of Mike Hughes, the previous administrator, or one of the monitors.

The question is who lifted the bans? Was it Jody Demling, the new administrator, wanting to signal a new, more open posting environment? Or was it Hughes and company attempting to make the board as unwelcoming as possible for those who choose to stick around? We may never know because the principles aren’t addressing the issue.

The football season needs to get here soon so posters on both sites have something to occupy them besides besmirching other Louisville fans.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

3 thoughts on “Henpecking parties invade Louisville message boards”
  1. It’s so childish. I’m really laughing at all of the us vs them posts showing up on 247.

    The whole mess of threads where they were asking people to PM them in the days leading up to the split left a bad taste in my mouth.

    It just seems to be very unprofessional to a degree on both sides. It seems that Scout (and Jody) tried to keep it amicable at first but Mike quickly made it something not.

    I love reading his articles and checking out the site for the past decade but I don’t know if I will continue with his new home.

    I’ll give Jody and Scout a chance. Everyone keeps harping over the fact that he’s not a football person but from the looks of things Scout is *not* going to be a one man show. Many of the scouts that are out and about in other areas of the country can certainly report on athletes they see- in fact if the reporter is seen as tied to a school but still somewhat independent they might actually give them better tips, not just what they think the reporter wants to hear. If Jody and their staff keeps the talk amicable and produces good stories I think there’s room for them.

    I just hope there’s others that think this way. I’d hate for Mike’s itv site to be the end all and be all because he doesn’t have that journalist first stance.

    1. Thanks, Chris. Similar bashing of the Rivals site was obvious when the Scout site was gathering steam in the early days. Rivals still hasn’t recovered because they’ve been the nice guys. Maybe someone thought that was a good business model and could be replicated. It is a distasteful and divisive strategy that serves no one well, certainly not UofL and its fans.

  2. Hughes relished dividing card fans during the krag years to build up his site. The dude will turn on anyone that gets in the way of him and a buck. A total sc*mbag.

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