Jim Ramsey apologized a second time Tuesday to people “offended” because he wore a sombrero in a photo taken as part of a Halloween celebration at the University of Louisville on Friday. The second apology was prompted by a protest outside the President’s Office.

Too many people these days looking for creative ways to be offended. Eager to be offended. Like they’re disappointed when they can’t accuse someone of racism. Doesn’t seem to matter whether there’s any valid reason or whether there are facts to back up their accusations.

It was Halloween, folks, a day set aside for people of all ages to wear costumes. A time for make believe, having fun. gorging on sweets. An American custom, people have been doing it for over a century. What’s next? St. Patrick’s Day? I’ve always found leprechauns to be more than a little strange.

Halloween ignites target practice.
Halloween ignites target practice.

The staff party at UofL in which Ramsey participated was innocent enough. Someone probably handed him a sombrero and a poncho between meetings and he paused for a photo. Everyone was dressed in Mexican costumer, including white and black staffers. Some of them, including females, wearing handle bar mustaches. Typical Mexican festive attire.

If wearing the traditional dress of other cultures is questionable, what does it say about the accusers and about their beliefs of the people they have appointed themselves to defend? They obviously find fault with the other people’s customs, or they wouldn’t be so offended.

Oddly, there was only a handful of protestors of  Latin American heritage among the students in the demonstration outside the President’s office. Hamming it up for the TV cameras, with no serious purpose for the protest, making absurd demands, including the removal of a Confederate statue. Ironic that it would happen at a university which has been among the leaders in the “equality movement.”

Ramsey has apologized twice now. That’s one time too many.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

5 thoughts on “Halloween spirit offends some at University of Louisville”
  1. I think the protesters were a bunch of sheep herded into thinking this was some sort of dscrimination by the student newspaper editor. The TV stations don’t give a damn whether the protest is legitimate or not, nor does the newspaper, as long as they have a manufactured controversy to cover. Pretty sad situation. The colleges have brought this on themselves, creating a climate of victimhood and supposed inequality. Upside is down, and down is up. If there are no morals, there is no order.

    1. Be careful. We don’t want to offend any good people or people that may be grieving right now.

      Or even people that may be fricking as we speak…

  2. Totally rediculous He apologized 2 times to many. Didn’t owe anybody an apology. Political correctness gone amuck.

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