Grading The Scrimmage

By Paul Sykes

Coach Kragthorpe has said several times that it’s “all on me” this year, wanting to be the guy that is totally accountable for all phases of Cardinal Football. So, let’s review how “Koach” did during the spring scrimmage:

  • Fan interest: B+ — The scrimmage attracted between 15,000 and18,000 people. I watched the game from three different areas and listened to what was being said around me. A few snide remarks, but mostly hopeful and optimistic.
  • Player performance: C — We’ve got some offensive weapons that Krag better figure out how to use. Anderson, Beaumont, Ashley, Nord, and Guy all have game changing skills. Yet, our defense was able to wrap them up effectively at times.
  • Quarterback bonanza: C — I like the way Justin Burke directed the offense in the second half. I got a kick out of seeing little Will Stein out there roping a couple of nice passes for completions. A couple of very nice pitch and catches between Tyler Wolfe and the wideouts. Still no clear leader.
  • Offensive Line: C-minus — Too many sacks caused by coverage and missed blocks. Imagine how the Pittsburgh and West Virginia defenses will make these guys feel.

It’s going to take one hell of a coaching job to get this team to .500, though and I’m not sure we’ve got the guy to do it…but I’ll be there to find out and I’ll let him know how I think he’s doing. Sonja likes to say: Love the players, love the game. I’m on board with that. Kickoff in less than 120 days.

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Paul Sykes

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