Jeff Goodman, the same Fox Sports reporter who broke the “news” about Derrick Caracter leaving the U of L basketball team to pursue a pro career, has more “breaking news” for Card fans — that Clark is going to test the NBA waters.

Thank you, Mr. Obvious. This comes as no shock to Card fans who were advised by Rick Pitino before the season began that three players would consider pro careers, even though Pitino changed his mind several times during the year.

After hearing Pitino’s original pronouncement, the only surprise to fans was how ill-equipped Clark seemed most of the season to make such a move. Flashes of excellence, sure, but more than offset by awkward displays of lack of focus and clumsiness. That doesn’t seem to matter to NBA agents and scouts, attracted as they are by physical girth and perceived potential.

The best case scenario for U of L fans is that Clark only wants to know where he stands, that he will go to the camps, assess where he needs to improve and return to school next year. The worst is that he will sign with an agent and not be able to return.

Here’s another tip for Jeff Goodman: Ask Terrance Williams if he is planning to test the waters as well.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

4 thoughts on “Goodman With More ‘News’”
  1. As someone who followed Clark’s high school career in New Jersey, I was a little surprised that he is headed to the NBA so soon.

    I definitely feel that there is some refining to his game Earl needs to do before making such a jump.

  2. Nothing would surprise me. All three could be gone, all three could be back. Pitino’s World, welcome to it.

  3. According the the Official U of L website, Earl is gone…it doesn’t say he’s signed with an agent but it says he is definitely going pro. Too bad; he will be missed. I sure hope that TWill doesn’t go too. I wonder if Goode will be able to play next year???

  4. Is there an agent in Louisville trying to tamper with Earl Clark’s career? Is that what you’re trying to tell us? If he is connected in some official capacity with U of L, he’s gonna get reamed … royally.

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