An embarrassing afternoon of football for the University of Louisville, reminiscent of the bad old days when Card fans harbored no illusions about ever becoming a nationally respected football program. This one is felt most by the pre-bandwagon jumpers who saw a program rise from the junk heap of the old Fairgrounds Stadium to the top 10 at Papa John’s. Was that even real?

You really have to feel sorry for all the fans who made the trip for the game, the most optimistic and faithful of all Card fans. They didn’t deserve what they got, undeniable confirmation that Louisville football has reached bottom, all over agan.

— Coach Steve Kragthorpe’s expression after Hunter Cantwell’s Christmas-gift lateral to Pittsburgh was one of total despair. Sorry, nowhere to hide, Coach. Life has bitch-slapped you in the face, and your ears are ringing. That dull roar you hear is the sound of the told-you-so’s warming up, ready to lambaste you and anyone who says anything positive about UofL football.

— Special teams play went south of the Equator: Automatic 10-yard penalties for UofL on every kickoff reception for those blocks in the back.  Cliffhangers on every punt reception. Fair catch? How about just catching the ball. Who coaches those special teams anyway?

— As for Hunter Cantwell, he should be history. The stats indicate that he had only one pass intercepted but at least six others were in serious jeopardy. Hunter is one of those guys who would never lose an intramural game, making you wonder why he never did well in college. He showed why today. If there’s a bad decision to be made, he makes it. Even when he does throw a good pass, the would-be receiver drops it half the time. Wasn’t meant to be. Time to move over, Hunter, hand the ball (don’t lateral it, please) to Matt Sims.

Sorry to disrupt the flow here but have to end on a positive note about Ron English‘s unit, which had perhaps one of the most impressive displays by a UofL defense in years. Holding LeSean McCoy, a back averaging 126 yards per game, to only 39 yards rushing was an impressive feat. That was one good thing to build on for the future, whatever that holds.

Final 1 2 3 4 Score Louisville 0 0 7 0 7 (25) Pittsburgh « 10 7 3 21 41 Preview | Log | Matchup | Wrap | Box

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

12 thoughts on “Gloom, Despair and Pittsburgh 41-7”
  1. 1–Replace the special teams teams coach, or perhaps–LISTEN TO HIM. He just might know more about the game than you do, Koach. Whatever–it’s an embarrassment the way it is now.

    The ST coach is Mark nelson who really coached up our defensive line last year. LOL

  2. Pathetic. We have a lot of talent on this team but the Koach just doesn’t get it. It is more depressing to look at the stats of the game and see how close they are and yet we get blown out. I am a HUGE TJ fan and I can not believe Tom is just going to sit back and let this program continue to self destruct. Expansion? With this man heading up the coaching staff, I personally can’t see sinking thousands of dollars into buying seats……sad. I hope and pray Koach will do the right thing and JUST GO. Still love my Cardinals – always have, always will. Go CARDS!

  3. Suggestions for Koach for the following now-meaningless games:
    1–Replace the special teams teams coach, or perhaps–LISTEN TO HIM. He just might know more about the game than you do, Koach. Whatever–it’s an embarrassment the way it is now.
    2–Start preparing for next years’ team, even though you may not be here. Give Matt at least 50% of the reps with the starters, to give the receivers the feel of his throws.
    3–Did I say ‘receivers?’ Better decide who they are, and actually work them into the game plan. I’ve seen a couple of darned good receivers–but apparently you haven’t, because you are wasting throws on guys who are projects, not receivers.
    4–Find ten plays that you can run, and run them very well. Forget the fancy stuff until you can run the ten. Maybe later you can get fancy.
    5–In this job and in your next one, try using the talents of the players that you HAVE. Adjust your ‘system’ to match the guys who are there now. These are good athletes, and a GOOD coach will find ways to get the best out of them. A GREAT coach will find ways to get them to over-achieve. You, however, should concentrate on getting them to not embarrass themselves, first. Then work up from there.

  4. This is what is known as the hammer on the head! Every statement and point made here is ACCURATE,Mr. Springer! Sad…but VERY true!

  5. It will get worse before it gets better … and it’s not going to get better until we get some new blood.

  6. That Krapthorpe kool-aid doesn’t taste so good when it’s coming out as diarrhea, does it? BTW, I was one of the Cardinal faithful at the game, so don’t think I’m not behind Cardinal football. I just hate Steve Krapthorpe. He has driven us into a crater, and should be run out of town.

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