How are noon starts for basketball games any different from those for football games?  Not much. Too early for people who need to get a few things done over the weekend, especially during the holiday season.

At least groggy fans don’t have to be in a party mood at 9 a.m., getting food ready, tossing lawn chairs in the car trunk. Or eating breakfast two hours later than normal in a parking lot, huddling around a barbecue grill attempting to get warm. Just hop in the vehicle and head for the KFC Yum! Center around mid-morning.

Actually the best thing about the University of Louisville’s basketball game against Western Kentucky this weekend may be that it isn’t on a Sunday, causing many fans to miss church, NFL football games and Sunday afternoon naps. Games against WKU often induce drowsiness, even among UofL players, which would help explain why WKU still owns 39-37 edge in the all-time series.

WKU piled up wins during the late Thirties and early Forties, winning 21 of 24 games, including a curious 2-0 win over UofL in February 1936. Louisville has won 21 of the last 25 meetings between the two schools, the most recent loss, a 68-54 decision coming in 2008 … on a Sunday afternoon.

Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.