The spring football scrimmage had no beginning. The scoring system was displayed on the video board but there were no coach or player introductions. The players just sort of walked on the field and started running plays.

University of Louisville radio network announcer Paul Rogers, who usually calls the spring game, wasn’t on the PA system. Neither was Sean Moth, of “Another Cards First Down” fame, because he was doing the radio broadcasting the UofL-Villanova baseball game. Several minutes into the scrimmage, an unknown with a generic voice, started updating the action on the field. No hellos, how are you, thanks for coming. Just the naked, bare minimum details.

The unceremonious start gave one the feeling that nobody in athletics administration or on the football staff — whichever is responsible for the event — had devoted much time or thought to planning for an event that attracted more than 17,000 fans. Printed rosters were available, but you had to be a sleuth to find them.

The lack of pizazz is really inexcusable, especially when Vice President of Athletics Tom Jurich is out looking behind every bush in town for the money necessary to get the stadium expansion under way. U of L fans expect a first class event from a program that aspires to the highest level. No scrimping on quality. Each event should be recognized for what it is: an opportunity to reaffirm and promote the University and the football program.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

2 thoughts on “Get It Out There”
  1. Ridiculous! Another example of inattention to PR detail by inexperienced man in charge –K.

    TJ can’t be expected to supervise every football item of importance– K just hasn’t made it to 1 mil plus pop–yet…

    You think Pitino let a detail like this go bye…

    when K makes it to 8 wins with these head-coach assts

    buzz me


  2. I will probably get in touble for saying this but here goes I think Coach K is probably a very nice person however, his entire image (to me anyway) is Conference USA. He doesn’t carry himself like a big time , Big East Coach. I keep telling myself I have to trust TJ – he knows football and K is sure his man. Coach K doesn’t look, dress or talk like a football coach – other than that, he’s fine. I also hate to see a morbidly obese coach on the sideline like the assistant from Cal – it’s not a vanity thing but it shows a horrible lack of self decipline to the kids. Oh well, I’ll see all I need to see on 8/31. I just don’t have faith in Coach K. When a very good U of L football team with loads of talent and one of the best QBs in the country loses in the final 28 seconds to a team who is toward the bottom of their SEC conference division something is drastically wrong.

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