[stextbox id=”alert”]   If a so-called college football analyst suggests that  former Tennessee coach Phil Fulmer may be the next head football coach at the University of Louisville, immediately scratch that person off the list of credible sources. He or she doesn’t have a clue.

Fulmer’s highly predictable and conservative offense, combined with a continuing stream of discipline problems and mediocre won-lost records, led to his dismissal at Tennessee after 17 seasons. He would not be the second coming of Howard Schnellenberger.


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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

14 thoughts on “Fulmer Wouldn’t Fit At Louisville”
  1. I’m glad that we can all agree Fulmer would be an atrocious hire for a team looking to rebuild and ascend to the upper echelon of college football.

  2. “mediocre won-lost records”? He was 100 GAMES OVER .500 when he left. His “mediocre” record was a measly 152-52. Are you kidding me? I remember when Louisville played at UT back in 1993. Before the game, there was some drunk guy lamenting the fact that U of L should be in the SEC. After we won 45-10, he was no where to be found. Funny how that works.

    1. Back in the olden days, huh? You had to go pretty far back for that retort. His record was mediocre his last seven years. Why do you think he was fired?

  3. I think the Universtiy of Virginia will be a good destination for CPF.
    Also, I think that University of Colorado would be a good fit for Tubberville.

  4. The last seven years of his tenure he had a TERRIBLE record against Fla, Ga, Alabama, Auburn, LSU, quality opponents, SEC championship games and bowl games. Check it out – speaks for itself.

  5. Yes 20% of all his wins came at the expense of those two schools…only because they play them EVERY YEAR! In general he beat the teams he was suppose to beat. That is like saying 33% of my meals are during lunch.

  6. Fulmer won 2 SEC titles and a NC title…who does Louisville think they are to not want someone that has done those things? He would destroy the Big East and has never lost to KY.

  7. You guys don’t know about Fulmer. That big win category – 20% of all of his wins came against just two teams – Vanderbilt and Kentucky. He had to have far superior talent on the field to win because his athletes were never coached up. What kind of people did he bring in for players? Gangsters and thugs. How about 52 arrests in six years….now let that sink in.

    Discipline…..there was none – the inmates were running the team. He kept druggies on the team until the university, itself, kicked them out after three or four failed drug tests. How about keeping a three or four time drunk as a punter? Yeah, he did and was allowed to get away with it. Fulmer is one guy you don’t want for sure! He was the worst discipline coach to ever walk the sidelines at the University of Tennessee.

  8. Louisville fans that want Kragthorpe out would be begging for him to come back after a couple years of Fulmer.

  9. Louisville would be lucky to have Phillip Fulmer for their coach. If the Cardinals are dedicated to winning a championship we better be ready to hire someone with experience (fulmer has it), a great recruiter (fulmer is), and be able to put enough money into the facilities/coaching staff to compete with the “big dogs.” Don’t fool yourselves—we would be lucky to get a coach such as Fulmer. Let’s cross our fingers and hope!

  10. Fulmer is a winner, he was fired, but so are many people. He is a great coach and will be better than Bobby P, he will represent the U of L in a 1st class manner, and will never lose to Kentucky!

  11. Tom Jurich is well known for his “lists” of potential replacement coaches in all sports. I seriously doubt he has Fulmer under the football column.

    I do think Fulmer could return and be highly successful at a FCS level, and if he came here, he’d stay till retirement…but he’s not the guy UofL needs to get out of the Kragthorpe rebuilding era trainwreck.

  12. I’m sure Phil Fulmer’s a decent coach and a great individual but he doesn’t fill the bill.

  13. Some agent is out there floating Fulmer’s name for Louisville, hoping to get a bite. I don’t think Jurich is taking the bait.

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