Five reasons to hate Syracuse

The Louisville Cardinals showed just how potent their offense could be when the football team dropped 70 on Charlotte in the opening game. They now travel to the Rust Belt to take on the Syracuse Orange . There are plenty of reasons to hate Syracuse and their football program, including:

orange–The Mascot is a color

I don’t know if it’s possible to be any less creative than revolving your entire school around a color. The Syracuse Orange. What does that even mean? The ACC has some pretty classic mascots: Cardinals, Hurricanes, Seminoles, Panthers, and Fighting Irish. You simply just can’t respect a program that worships the color orange.

–The Carrier Dome is a sauna

Having a dome for your football team is such a cop-out. Especially a dome without air conditioning and the ugliest turf in college football.  The Carrier Dome is a want-to-be “college Superdome” and gets way too much praise than it deserves. Syracuse fans need to keep their crowd noise inside to make it seem like it’s louder than it really is, since their fans are as quiet as a sleeping baby.

–A new coach doesn’t mean new players

A lot has been said about new the newly hired head coach Dino Babers for Syracuse Football, and how he will bring a  quick and high-powered offense. They may have a new system in place, but these are still the players that have gone 7-17 over the past two seasons. A new system and coach may put players in better positions to succeed, but you are what your record says you are. The Orange are not talented.

–Our defensive line kicks butt

ESPN ranked the Orange defensive line dead last in the ACC. The Cardinals ranked third on the preseason list, highlighted by Devonte Fields, Keith Kelsey, and DeAngelo Brown. There’s no secret that one of the most important units on a football that that wants to win is the defensive line. Apparently Syracuse didn’t get the memo. Good job.

–No competition

Since the Orange left the Big East, the Cardinals have dominated Syracuse on the gridiron. The team that thought they were the New York Yankees of the Big East were in for a rude awakening when they joined the ACC. In 2014 the Cardinals beat the Orange 28-6 and turned it up even more last year in a dominating 41-17 victory. With Lamar Jackson leading one of the best offenses in the country, this game against the Orange is over before it kicks off. Good thing because those significantly-less-than-capacity crowds can be unbelievably loud when the games get close.

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