Goodbye college football season.

No big games this weekend. The regular season all but done. The coaching issue  resolved at the University of Louisville. No more Steve Kragthorpe to kick around. Get a life and move on to other interests.

Those passionate about their football have little choice but to switch gears, focus on basketball. Shouldn’t be that difficult at a “basketball school,” right?

Wouldn’t be:

  • If it wasn’t one of those seasons already plagued by injuries. Preston Knowles, Peyton Siva, Jerry Smith and, now, George Goode? Knowles and Siva may return this weekend.
  • If U of L’s current big men didn’t play like small forwards. Coached by two of the game’s great coaches and teachers, and 20 to 25 hours in the gym a week apparently not enough.
  • If Rick Pitino’s teams weren’t so slow leaving the gate, having already incurred two losses, with the Western Kentucky hurdle just a week away.
  • If the rest of the Big East weren’t so strong, with six teams in the top 20 — Villanova, No. 3; West Virginia, No. 6; Syracuse, No. 7; UConn, No. 14; Georgetown, No. 15; and Cincinnati, No. 19.
  • If the Lexington school didn’t look like it was going to go undefeated during the regular season, with only the Southeastern Conference presenting the only challenge now.
  • If one could be dead certain Rick Pitino’s team would make one of those classic Rick Pitino late season runs. Seems highly unlikely at this point, but stranger things have happened.

*    *    *

The fact that Jeff Walz’ women’s basketball team is getting off to a rocky start doesn’t make the transition to basketball any easier. The 5-3 Lady Card take on IUPUI at 2 p.m. Sunday at Freedom Hall.

*    *    *

Darrell Griffith will be signing autographs of the Freedom Hall print at the Kroger on Central Avenue, across from Jim Patterson Stadium, from noon until 2 p.m. Saturday.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

3 thoughts on “Easing Into Louisville Basketball”
  1. Coach Strong is having a question & answer for the Card fans Saturday on TWITTER, check his TWITTER page COACHCSTRONG1 for the time. RED & BLACK…IT’S BACK!!!!! GO CARDS

  2. This can’t be fun for Petino, getting back to square one, back where he started when he arrived. What happens to those guys during practice anyway? It’s like they forget everything they ever knew.

  3. Pitino is working with a young team so he is starting from the bottom hopefully working up to the near top.
    He has a few more years on his contract – if I were him I would incorporate more Coach Willard to the mix.
    I think he has a rough time sharing the spot light though – from what I seen he is keenly aware of the camera’s – as always loves to pose and posture at every turn. He needs to get some fire under his players and motivate his team fast.

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