By Charlie Springer

The eyes of Card fans would be tightly focused on Earl Clark and Edgar Sosa going into the Louisville vs. South Florida game.

No way Earl Clark was going to take any team lightly Wednesday, not after Sunday’s dismal performance against the Lexington team. Someone was going to feel his wrath.

His team would need him in a huff because South Florida turns out to be a decent team. Disrespect the Bulls this season and you may just go home with your tail between your legs. One gets the feeling that, under Stan Heath, the program will advance quickly, making the Big East even tougher in the not-too-distant future.

Clark kept the Bulls at bay in this game, with his game-leading 22 points, nine rebounds, two assists and a block.

Who knew Clark could shoot three-point shots? Everybody does now, with knocking down three of eight attempts. Nice shooting form this night. So that’s why Rick Pitino has given him the green light.

As for Edgar Sosa, more of the positive vibes he exhibited Sunday. Five of nine field goal attempts, including two three-pointers, and no disparagement. Need to pick up on those assists, however. Just one won’t help much with the killer schedule ahead.

Samardo Samuels doing his Derrick Caracter imitation with all the fouling lately.

*   *  *

Strangely, Louisville didn’t get to the free throw line in the first half. “We didn’t get fouled,” said Pitino, calling Big East officials “the best referees in America.”

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

2 thoughts on “Earl Clark Returns, Louisville 71, USF 57”
  1. Great game – I was so happy for Earl playing that well especially with a scout in the crowd. Loved TWill’s dunk. Saw some real good things from TJen; Sosa still hot. Poor Samardo – he’s got to quit using his hands and arms and start moving people with his body or he will keep getting fouled out. All in all, a good game and I am glad we won our BE opener. Charlie, do you know who Rick was talking to when he said “get your attitude right or deal with me in the locker room???” I’m curious to know who he was talking to. Now, let’s beat Villanova on Saturday. Go CARDS!

  2. Bring In The Jury

    The case before us today is the matter of Rick Pitino’s UofL basketball team. Jurors are instructed to pay attention to both sides of the case and are asked to make a decision. Is this the start of one of those patented Rick Pitino runs? Jurors are advised to see beyond the spin and hyperbole of the Godfather and examine the facts as they actually are.

    Or as delivered with the best spin and hyperbole I can offer.

    With wins over the Little Blue Nation and USF, the Cards are finally getting the long awaited consistent and play of junior point guard Edgar Sosa. A key to a team going far in conference play and the NCAA Tournament is leadership and playmaking from your point guard. Earl Clark appears to have awakened again after “cat-napping” last Sunday and when challenged…is one of the best power forwards in the college game. The Godfather’s bench has rose to the challenge, I present to you the play of George Goode, Terrance Jennings, Reggie Delk and Andre McGee over the last two games. The controversial T-Will has shown that in one split second, he can provide game changing, Sportscenter highlights and jurors are warned not to think about his illicit, never ending love affair with the three point arc. With the depth, talent and coaching skills present on this team, and the two wins on national television, it is offered that this is the beginning of a Pitino run. Grab your seat, buckle up and hold on. The Cardinal Express is pulling out of the station.

    A win over two unranked teams, with second year coaches and struggles during each game. Earl Clark should be nickname Crackerjack, because
    you never know what you’re going to get when he steps into the box.
    Edgar Sosa has had two good games out of twelve this year. That’s a .166 average, and if this were baseball…he’d be sitting on the bench collecting splinters. We won’t mention T-Will’s previously mentioned affair, instead, let’s look at his roller coaster rides whenever he enters the paint. Finger roll, dish, turnover…he’s more like the menu at a breakfast nook instead of a can’t miss NBA prospect. And the Godfather. Allowing both the UK and USF games to get out of control late. Putting the spin aside, does a quality coach allow a guy nicknamed P.P. to freely roam the offensive paint without any block outs or double teams? Same thing in the USF game, where a freshman that hasn’t played basketball in 18 months looks like Shaq and Russell in the paint. The Cardinal Express has wheezed thru a couple of one horse towns since derailing in it’s home terminal against UNLV. This isn’t the start of a run; it’s preventive maintenance and major tune up time.

    OK, you’ve heard the arguments. Head to your PC’s, sidekicks and DVD’s. Come back with your verdict and try to avoid any contact with the Kroger crew or Rally’s Restaurants. Your decision on this matter won’t change a darn thing on the way things will play out this year, but it should make for some fun reading. All comments should start with the phrase…’your honor Sonja.’

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