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17 thoughts on “Move Along”
  1. If Drew Deener really believes what he said, Deener is not aligned with the aspirations of the athletic director. He has definitely not done his homework, exposing himself as just another sports announcer stuck in the past with the old stereotypes and a view that nothing will ever change in football, despite evidence to the contrary. Sports really does itself no favors when people with blinders are allowed to spread their ignorance.

  2. Well, there goes any credibility Drew Deener may have had, if any. What people like Deener are overlooking or unable to recognize is that Strong is a big name coach and will have incredible inroads with black athletes across the country. This is really a breakthrough for a black coach with tons of recognition. Rarely before has someone of his caliber gone to one of the non-traditional football powers so the magnitude of this move is yet to be seen. He is going to make a real difference in the caliber of athletes we are going to be seeing at Louisville.

    1. incredible inroads with black athletes across the country??? Not to sound racial, but aren’t we interested in athletes period?

  3. I have bitching about Deener since day 1. How in the HELL, did WHAS hire this tool to do our basketball games?

    Deener named his first-born son Cawood??? No lie.

    Type Max Cawood Deener into your browser, and you can go right to his son’s site he has online.

    Wasn’t he just doing the sideline reporting at UK for the Big Blue Network? Now he is our play-by-play?

    This is WHAS’ way of saying, “Here Cardinal Nation, bend over”………

  4. Funny that he makes this comment right about the time Tim Patterson is deciding between us and U-p-u-n-K

  5. He is a closet UK fan. Here he is cutting on the program that feeds him. He has a show on WKRD and does the basketball games. I was a longtime WRKD listener until he came on board. I don’t listen anymore. All he does is cut people off and acts like no one knows anything except him. I can’t stand him. He is bad for WKRD and bad for U of L. He should go back to the hills and commentate on his favorite team UK. Anytime he is on the dial or on TV first thing I do is change the channel. He has ruined the morning show at KRD and he is a negative voice against U of L.

  6. Before casting Deener out to the wolves outside the door, one should remember that “Cards Radio” is part of the Clear Channel network…a network that, at least here in Louisville, has sworn alliegence to the Big Blue instead of the Red and Black. Deener’s play by play of Louisville hoops is something I’ve never experienced. Paul Rogers calls the games on radio and if it’s on TV, I’ll turn down the sound, deal with the delay when present and listen to someone that knows and understands the game.

    Deener also has on the air contempt for Neft and Vanetti of the Afternoon Underdogs, who are worlds above him in content, knowledge and entertainment.

    OK, now…out the door with you..Drew. WKRD would be well served to make amends with Bob Valvano and Will Wolford, who had a decent show…or just find the dumpster that Johnny Renshaw is living in…clean him up, give him a hot meal and stick him in front of the mike. He’s better than Deener.

  7. Coach Strong has a new Twitter account that he’s updating regularly, if you want to follow him it’s coachcstrong1 on Twitter. He announced our first commitment today. Check it out. GO CARDS!!!!!

  8. If you want to dog someone, find someone else. Drew is in Tom Jurich’s pocket and is entrusted with plenty of inside information. I have seen first had that he is a great supporter of the University. I heard the comments and it was not on the morning show, it was on Cardinal Insider, he merely stated that what many reporters had stated not his opinion of UofL football. This is why UofL fanbase is so questionable at times when it is free rein to bang up your radio and tv personnel. BTW, Drew is from Louisville, attended your beloved St. Xavier High School. Find a different tree to bark up!

  9. Drew did not say those things at all. He was mentioning that Coach Strong wasn’t going to go after Florida verbal commitments. That was the essence of his comments. He said that may not stop Coach from going after verbals at other schools. Drew loves the ‘Ville. I know ’cause I work with him.

  10. Wow, I see they sent out the cavalry. Whether the comment mentioned was biased or not, he IS a UK fan. I wonder if UK would let a UL fan do their coverage? And besides that, and MUCH more important, he is horrible. I am another one who turns down the tv to listen to Paul Rogers, who is 100% better. And it isn’t like Paul does the ridiculous screaming and squealing like the UK radio guys do, he just knows what he’s doing and is enjoyable to listen to.

    This blog isn’t frequented by the “losers” Big Hok so charmingly commented on, but by lifetime fans with a thorough knowledge of the history of the school.

    And Cruise, seriously, everyone knows you’re UK fan.


  11. I was on my way to the press conference and tuned in late and didn’t hear those specific comments. However, one of the hosts spent a lot of time on the show providing names of outstanding recruits who had signed with Louisville during past recruiting periods. He was clearly miffed, taking time to respond to comments that someone had made. Someone here indicates that Deener was paraphrasing what other reporters had said. If that’s true, he wasn’t doing Louisville any favors. Whoever made the comment was way off base. I think we can all agree on that matter. Mr. Deener has been invited to provide a response.

  12. As one that listens to Deener regularly in the morning, (sorry Tony…I like your show but need my sports fix in the morning) I think the criticism here of Deener is a bit harsh. He’s not my favorite sports talk host, sometimes he is a bit sophomoric and banal, but he’s doing an OK job given the situation he is in. He needs a co-host or sidekick on the air with him…one with a definitive sports background and Louisville associated if at all possible. I enjoyed the paring with John L. when they first took over the show. Find someone to pair him up with.

    And, Tony…welcome to the site! Please visit often and share you comments and thoughts. If you can elict a response from Drew on here, that would be great as well.

    Support your University of Louisville Women’s Basketball team. Next game, Sunday 2 p.m. against IUPUI in Freedonm Hall.

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