Gusting winds and driving rain an hour before the University of Louisville’s spring football game, the worst weather conditions since a tornado warning played havoc with this event at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium two years ago.

The drenching coming after a week or more of perfect weather, the kind that fills stadiums on Friday nights. In a community wanting to get behind a new coach, back to becoming competitive, on the road to winning ways.

Not to be this night, a steady and soaking drizzle putting a damper on Coach Charlie Strong’s public debut, attracting mostly hard-core football fans — somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 — for an event that attracted more than 15,000 last year.

  • Good to see Doug Beaumont finally get to the end zone after three years. Would have been twice if he hadn’t been stopped on the one on a previous drive. He has the desire and talent, now the coaching and responsibility, to do so a regular basis.
  • Bilal Powell moving the ball better, reminding fans of what made him a fan favorite during his freshman year.
  • Jacques Caldwell is lightning quick, looks like he is going to have opportunities to put his 4.3 speed to work at last. A couple of impressive runs.
  • Cornerback has always seemed to be a worry at U of L. Good to finally see a super athlete like Darius Ashley at that position.
  • Quarterback Adam Froman doesn’t inspire confidence but he’s compared with a lot of great quarterbacks in U of L’s past. Still, one knows he going to be challenged quickly at that position in the fall.
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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

5 thoughts on “Downpour Dampens Turnout But Not Outlook”
  1. We were there Charlie – not the first time I’ve gotten soaked watching our beloved Cardinals and hopefully it won’t be the last…we also loved watching the U of L Band play under the,they have really improved. Too bad it rained so hard; sure wish we could have given Coach a REAL Louisville welcome. Go CARDS

  2. Yes, it was miserable, but for those of us who weathered (pun intended) the downpours of the Florida State game, not to mention the freezing wetness of the UConn game (there), the bone-chilling of that Black Friday Cincinnati game, this was child’s play. In fact, we saw quite a few children tonight, even babies. So the fans held strong (another pun intended)!


  3. It would probable be in 20000 fans if it wasn’t for weather a lot of people went home,,but real fans stud by coaches side and supported the team who lookt ready with a lot of energy,,,,good to see cards back and coach strong will put them on right track is just about time

  4. It was a loud 5000 of die-hards! Still love the 2 fights almost breaking out. It was still a good night with a positive outlook

  5. Made it thru the first half before heading to drier conditions…back home.

    Still, was impressed with the guys last night. Fall practice can’t get here soon enough.

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