Seriously, how many people in their right minds would do business with something called Derby Deals?

One who did was Kathy Watkins, of Jacksonville, Texas. She said she paid $5,000 to Scott Davis, an Oldham County magistrate, for a luxury package that included five Kentucky Derby tickets according to the Courier-Journal.

“We would be sitting with movie stars, celebrities. We would eat at exclusive restaurant and have access to the Churchill Downs grounds, as well as every floor,” said Watkins, who was apparently among several customers left empty handed after dealing with Davis.

Yeah, and you would become lifelong friends with all those movie stars and celebrities after sharing a Derby together.

This is only relevant here because Davis said he gave University of Louisville assistant basketball coach Steve Masiello cash for the tickets. Davis says about $70,000 was involved in the transactions, and Davis is suing because he said the tickets never materialized.

Such a sleazy story, wreaking of greed, naivete and waste. One has to wonder why anyone would let themselves get sucked into such a situation. The Derby is a nice event, but come on.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

One thought on “Derby Deals, Indeed”
  1. I have an acquaintance that used Mr. Davis and his Derby Deals to secure several tickets for Derby and Oaks. A case of having several business associates coming in town for Derby weekend and not being able to get the number of tickets thru Churchill that were needed to entertain everyone that was showing up.

    He was one of the lucky ones. He got his tickets, they were good ones and very close to his box that he purchases thru Churchill every year. Hesaid things went well Derby weekend for him and his group. I didn’t ask what he paid for these and he didn’t offer the information.

    The practice of brokering prime locations for sold out events fetches a quite handsome income for some. Just be careful who you are dealing with and be aware there is the distinct possibility you might get burned.

    As for me, Derby is a time to attend a friend’s party I’ve gone to for years. Oaks, it is to the infield to enjoy an afternoon with the crazies. Can’t see that changing.

    Derby Deals and Masiello will most likely have their day in court. I’m not sure that the best side will win here, though…no matter who gets the favorable decision.

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