The next big question challenging some Louisville football fans is whether they will make it to the Rutgers game next week. Wanting to make some kind of statement about the coaching staff, as if all the whining and gnashing of teeth could have somehow been ignored.

Don’t want to get weepy on you but there are many reasons to go, including the fact that it’s Brian Brohm’s final college game. It’s the last time to see Harry Douglas, Art Carmody, Gary Barnidge, Scott Kuhn, Malik Jackson, Jonathan Russell, Preston Smith, Breno Giacomini, and Willie Williams. Guys who put their bodies on the line, taking you to Orange, Gator and Liberty bowls.

Unfortunately, it may be the last U of L football game we’ll see this season. No more train whistles, fireworks, marching band, no more tailgating, no more leaving two or three hours before games to avoid traffic congestion, no more Card Marches. Probably no bowl. Won’t see your neighbor seat holders till next year. College football is fun, more fun when you’re winning, and it keeps on giving even during the lean years.

Programs like Michigan, Notre Dame and Tennessee will always thrive and grow. Their fans endure the losing along with the winning — sure they complain if their teams are losing — but they will be there. Sure tradition helps, but they didn’t always have tradition. And you can’t thrive on tradition alone. People passionate about their teams can’t be ignored when crucial decisions are made. Fan bases that dissipate during troubled times can expect the worst.

Fortunately, Louisville football will survive and prosper, despite the turmoil currently surrounding the program. Tom Jurich thinks long term, already taking the first step to get the stadium expanded. He will do whatever is necessary to get things back on track. It helps U of L to know you are there, through good times and bad.

Go to the Rutgers game, enjoy the chairbacks and college football. Surely, we’ve seen the worst. Might even win.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

4 thoughts on “Cold Shoulders, Chairbacks & Rutgers Game”
  1. Anon – not a chance, but thanks for the suggestion. I did the opposite – married a UofL fan and brought him to the light. 🙂

  2. Hey, Jenny, you could do what I did after marrying a UofL nut — come over to the dark side. And you know what, it didn’t hurt at all, it’s been fun, and my UK relatives/friends still give me birthday presents! We just make sure we aren’t in the same room when Big Blue plays Red Reign. You would be quite welcome.

  3. I had a few minutes to go back and catch up on some comments – I have a habit of posting and not returning to see responses. I realize I’ve been too soft and friendly here.

    “Must be a little Card fan in your heart as well.”

    This news cannot leave this website! I’ll be shunned and disowned by my own kind! My father will write me out of his will!

    In all honesty, I have found my position on The Evil Red softening a bit since I started grad school there this past fall. But also it’s hard to ignore the truly unfortunate things that have happened to some of the good people there.

    For the record (and to ensure my UK Fan Card does not get revoked) it must be stated that as soft as I have become, I still find myself subconsciously rooting for whoever the Cards are playing against (especially in basketball). Maybe I’m being nicer because I know this could be a rocky basketball season in Lexington. I’m sure there’s some deep-seeded psychlogical explanation, right? Tell me I’m not just going soft!

  4. My bet: the fans will show up (unless it’s the weather’s really bad)

    They’ll be there for Brohm, et al.

    But watch–a lot will be there to boo

    just to be sure that 50/50 becomes a bit more certain…

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