Let me see now…2009 Big East Champions?  No.  Cardinal Faithful?  No.  Destination New Orleans?   No.  Cut the Net?  No.  National Champions 2013?  Maybe.   It’s All About the Ville.  Yep, that’s the one!closet

Settling on which top to wear to a University of Louisville game has become way too hard.  And it cannot be just any shirt.  It has to be THE shirt.  Red, black, white, maybe pink.  One half of a closet of agonizing decision-making.

And buying a Cards shirt can be just as challenging.  Just go to a game and you will see such a variety of designs, you can feel at once thrilled and overwhelmed.  Where do all those fans find all those different designs anyway? The days of having only one choice at the old Bacon’s department store a distant memory.

UofL slogans just about anywhere you go.  Eye-catching.  Clever.  Memorable.   On celebrities like JLaw and Leo.  Even far out into the Commonwealth, one can spot a proud wearer of the L1C4 slogan.

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 8.07.16 PMCheck out Pinterest boards related to UofL or the Cards and the representations are remarkable.  Tonight I saw a few pins  that go far  beyond the usual  tee shirt or décor stuff.  How about some nail polish splashes?  Want a Cards darts cabinet?  Or a Cardinal tutu?  Phone covers, well, of course.  Need a stethoscope cover?  Really?

For me, this proliferation of UofL art on shirts, hats, ties, purses, flags, ad infinitum, is awesome, and those who know me know I reserve the use of that word for something that is, well, truly awe-inspiring.

I personally favor “The Ville.”  I googled that recently and discovered that there is no other “Ville” but our “Ville.”  As a matter of fact,  a “Ville” tee shirt recently drew favorable comments in Las Vegas, and that was from a Gonzaga alum.

So, I congratulate the shirt makers, the shirt wearers, the shirt giver-awayers.  You are out there so the Ville can be also.Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 8.06.42 PM

Now, I am even seeing tee shirt quilts which lovingly preserve teams, championships, and events.  Just  the solution for what to do with my numerous (red) tee shirts that I cannot bear to part with but have too many of to wear.

What a problem, huh? And the ACC stuff doesn’t hit the stores until this summer.

Go Cards!

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