By Angela Garvin
Daughter of Paul and Sonja Sykes

I find myself envious and wishing I was up there with you all. I remember the days with Pop would ordering us about like a drill sergeant with a bunch of new recruits six hours before the game. We had to be there five hours before kickoff. Spots to save in the Cardinal Stadium parking lot. Grill to set up, Rachel complaining that she couldn’t find her hair beret (she always was losing that thing!), Mom on the phone going over last minute details with the other ladies in our tailgate group.

Grandpa calling wondering where we were and did Pop have enough beer?


Finally, the entrance to Cardinal Stadium and unpacking of the van. Music on, charcoal lit, the sound of aluminum cans being opened. Pop and Bob toasting another Saturday afternoon and Mom reminding me to keep an eye on my wayward sister.

My “crush” on handsome Stan…20 years older than me but an absolute dreamboat! Grandpa telling Bob to pour him “three fingers worth…in a wide cup”.

If I try hard enough, I can smell the burgers and brats, see Mama Lou’s potato salad and hear Pop whooping about a 40 yd. TD pass he threw in the parking lot to Tony and Bob screaming pass interference.

Sneaking a cigarette far away from the others and swearing Rachel to silence. Rachel telling on me anyway…Going into the stadium, greeting the other crazies in the crunch zone and looking for our favorite cheerleaders and the Cardinal Bird.

Have fun today! I’ll be with you in spirit and listening on the radio.

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By Angela

2 thoughts on “Cherishing Those Game Days”
  1. What can I say? If a father’s love for a daughter could ever be justified…I feel very lucky to have such a beautiful and factual daughter in my fold. The only thing to add is that Angela has blessed us all with three grandchildren and number four is on the way.

    You are and always will be…the amazing product of a love your Mom and I will always be in awe of..along with your sister. Sometimes, you just get it right. I love you.

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