The UK fans are quiet again, back in the woodwork

Heady stuff Sunday for the University of Louisville football team.

A record crowd, a highly efficient offense, an impressive win over arch rival Kentucky, and Charlie Strong singing the team’s praises.

UofL even moved up to 23rd in Associated Press poll Tuesday. But as Assistant Coaches Vance Bedford and Clint Hurtt will again remind their charges this year, “It was only Kentucky.”

Vance Bedford and Clint Hurtt

As defensive line coach, Hurtt has to have real concern about how easily the UK offense was able to move the ball so many times, UofL giving up 24 first downs. Bedford is all too aware of the flaws in passing coverage. Were it not for a couple of fumbles, the outcome could have been much closer.

Not going to be an easy week for the defense.

Tons of emotion are always at work in games against Kentucky,  building up over weeks and months. Then there’s the high with the elation and jubilation that follows a convincing win.  The day after, a sense of relief, the letdown, the easing of emotions. Especially for a UofL team loaded with more than its share of freshmen and sophomores.

Getting back up for Missouri State will be a challenge for the players and coaches. Charlie Strong knows that all too well, after shocking losses to Florida International and Marshall last season.

Having played Sunday, there’s also one less day of preparation for Missouri State. Not going to be an easy week for anyone associated with this team.

It was only Kentucky.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.