Ken Lolla’s soccer team is responsible for more people in Louisville saying, “I don’t know much about soccer,”  in the city’s history, including all of the World Cup Soccer and Olympics’ events combined.

Not all that complicated, really. Some people, like the observer, quickly became fanatics because one of the best college soccer teams in America had Louisville on the jersey.

With the nucleus of a team that finished 20-1-3 returning next season, so will many new soccer fans.

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Some critics complaining that the UConn basketball women’s team is being shortchanged in media coverage, the old male vs. female argument. Possibly a bias toward the men’s game in a sports writing profession dominated by the male species.

Some media analysts a little exuberant about the 89-game winning streak, making comparisons with UCLA men’s teams of old, and Geno Auriemma to John Wooden.

It could be argued that the UConn women have had so few real challenges and been so dominant for so long that the streak harms the image of women’s basketball.

In the best of all worlds, the Lady Cards put an end to the streak, and start one of their own.

*     *     *

Karen Sypher just won’t go away it seems, until January 18.

In the most recent of several attempts to prolong the inevitable, Judge Charles R. Simpson has denied her request to disqualify himself from the case and refused to impanel a special grand jury to investigate “criminal civil rights violations” against her, her family and witnesses.

The judge has indicated that the sentencing will be Jan. 18. But the way the legal process goes, the sentencing will be postponed again until the week of the Big East Tournament.

The dark cloud syndrome, Louisville basketball distractions at tournament time.

Six, going on seven, years after the fact.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

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  1. Louisville won’t beat UConn…not in Hartford and as long as Maya Moore is still playing there…but don’t be surprised if DePaul, WVU or Notre Dame break Geno’s streak.

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