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The Chick-fil-A controversy shouldn’t be an issue on the University of Louisville campus.

Dan Cathy, the owner of the chain, expressed an opinion.

Jim Ramsey and Shirley Willihnganz made their views known.

Enough. Let the consumers decide.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

20 thoughts on “Cardinals and Chickens”
  1. Consumers ARE deciding. Hundreds of consumers have decided to sign a petition calling on UofL to disassociate itself from Chick-Fil-A. Just as you can decide what to put in your blog, we can decide what causes we choose to petition. That’s America’s greatness.

    1. Maybe I should have said let the pocketbooks decide. You’re asking for official action by the university. That would be misplaced and I don’t think the trustees would be pleased.

      1. Given the hiring of Johnson I figure the trustees rubberstamp anything put in front of them.

          1. Did you read Frank Minnifield’s comment. He essentially said the board wanted nothing to do with this issue.

    2. Yes Jill, consumers such as myself are deciding, and I have decided to eat or get at least a drink at Chick-Fil-A every time I pass one. It’s ridiculous to even think that the liberals could influence UofL to force Chick-Fil-A out…it will never happen. The liberal agenda will help drive Chick-Fil-A’s revenue to record numbers this quarter, just sit back & watch and I’ll enjoy another delicious chicken sandwich in the meantime.

      1. Keep on supporting until something important in your life is BANNED. Never forget the people who stood for nothing they are no longer here.

        1. What’s been “BANNED” Harriet??? And I agree with you as far as Mr. Cathy standing up for what he believes in…works both ways.

  2. The university should not have gotten involved. They allowed the chain on campus and should have done their homework beforehand.

  3. Unfortunately we are talking about a College Campus and College kids. The younger you are the more likely you are going to be liberal and less tolerant of a corporation publicly denouncing others.

    There have been other stores that have been boycotted for their stances but few went mainstream. At least Tom Monaghan didn’t actively try to set any policies with his Domino’s Franchises and didn’t pay into anti abortion and anti gay groups with company donations – he did that out of his own pocket.

    Chik-fil-a on the other hand has donated and has said they will continue to donate directly. It’s a fine line between Dan Cathy and Tom Monaghan but it remains to be seen how much legs these protests have. I think the fact that with the company itself not just the founder donating to the groups it has may have crossed a threshold with administrators if the protests go on for any significant amount of time.

  4. I like their food, and the atmosphere is always pleasant; I will continue to buy their food.
    I hope they are not blackmailed out of existence. Remember, diversity is supposed to be a good thing.

  5. Diversity and discrimination are two very different things, & UofL should not be associated with the latter of the two.

    1. And, Chik-fil-A is not discriminating against any patron walking through their doors.

  6. As a university president, Ramsey should probably just keep his opinions to himself on this one. “No comment” can go a long way.

  7. I’m interested to see how this plays out, not at UofL, but nationally. Chik-Fil-A has a lot riding on sponsorship of the Chik-Fil-A bowl and hopes to secure the Champions Bowl between Big-12 and SEC. It seems like there’s too much $$$ at stake for them to play this game.

  8. I will not stop eating there. I think he has a right to believe a marragr is between a man and a woman as the Bible says. Chik-Fil-A does employee gays after all.Also, we are entitled to freedom of speech on America.

  9. I think the issue here is that even though consumers can decide if they want to support the restaurant at the university, it is still being funded by mandated meal plans and is guaranteed a share of every student’s money regardless if they eat there or not.

    1. Balderdash. Who cares who the business is funded by? This is a non-issue and should either have been ignored by the administration or they should have set the example by being the first ones in line at the restaurant.

    2. This controversy is over a man’s opinion; I can remember when it used to be legal to express an opinion.

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