The University of Louisville soccer team doesn’t seem to able to catch a break this season.

Play in the opening round of Big East Tournament  at Cardinal Park begins Thursday at 7 p.m. That would be exactly the same time as the tip off for the UofL-Bellarmine basketball game at the KFC Yum! Center.

A couple of soccer games have bumped up against Louisville football games this season, starting either a couple of hours before or after games at Papa John’s. Guess who loses when that happens. Give up tailgating, not going to happen. And who has the energy to fight the traffic after football?

Go ahead, build the new soccer stadium.  People will come, but there will be a lot more of them without the  scheduling conflicts.

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Rick Pitino might want to call in a management consulting firm if the injury reports and academic questions continue as they have over the past decade. People like Peyton Siva, Mike Marra, Wayne Blackshear and Kevin Ware are difficult to replace. I’ll go ahead and ask: What goes on in those practices anyway?
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Another day passes and the University of Missouri has yet to announce that it is leaving the Big 12 Conference for the SEC.  The university attorneys are earning a fortune delaying what should be a fairly simple process. Or maybe Missouri is having difficulty negotiating a reduction in the $20 million to $30 million exit fee?

The longer UM takes, the more difficult it becomes for West Virginia to officially leave the Big East and become a participating member of the Big 12.

Not hard to believe the Big 12 possibly chose West Virginia over UofL  because WVU promised to file the lawsuit to become available next season.  The rush to get out so quickly  could easily come back and haunt both partners — the Big 12 and West Virginia.

Pity the poor schedule makers for the Big East and Big 12 next season if Missouri is still hanging around and West Virginia is still trying to get in. You can bet WVU is out shopping with a sense of urgency for judges who aren’t sick of hearing about conference realignment.

Gotta admire Tom Jurich for not going the lawsuit route.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

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      1. Jezz Chas,your really reaching i guess. Oh well a page hits a page hit.

        Whats up with Pauls site and the baby smoking a cigarette. Wouldnt want people somehow thinking that all UL grads give their kids cigs…

        Maybe you can write a tale about it. Then barely acknowledge that it was there a few days later.

        1. Chris, the left side of CARDINAL COUPLE mixes parody, fiction and funny pics along with facts. It is up to the reader to determine which is which. WE are not an official arm of the University of Louisville. Sometimes people don’t like our picture selections. We change the pics once or twice a week.

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  1. Reports say there will be an East and West division in the Big East:

    West: Boise State, Houston, SMU, Louisville, Air Force and BYU (if the Cougars opt to join)
    East: Cincinnati, Navy, UConn, South Florida, UCF and Rutgers.

    Would’ve liked to see Cincy/Louisville in same division.

    Obviously a better line-up than current Big East football, but don’t like Air Force and Navy in there just to fill a spot. ECU would’ve been much better.

  2. Agree about rather having Louisville in the East part of the BIG EAST proposal. Road trips to Idaho, Utah and Colorado once every two year can stretch a guy’s budget.

    Road trips to Orlando and Tampa every two years sound much better, especially if they’re late season (cold in Louisville) games.

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