Derrick Caracter has reportedly dropped out of the University of Louisville two days after U of L was bumped from the NCAA basketball tournament. Apparently quit attending classes several weeks ago. Never heeded any of Rick Pitino’s advice over the past two seasons.

Caracter has resumed his trip to obscurity, picking up where he was before he was detoured to Louisville. Don’t know much about his former life but he had plenty of great guidance at U of L, including a personal chaperone for a while. No way to get through to him, no escape from himself.

Pitino recognized the raw potential but not the full extent of the challenge. He was successful in getting Caracter to shed 70 pounds to get into playing shape but was unable to get him to quit playing around.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

4 thoughts on “Caracter Gone”
  1. It is no great surprize that Derrick Caracter left UoL… and the way he departed. He wants to pursue a NBA career… when he was not able to navigate a college career…he has shown that life will hold many challenges for him…”A man is as good as his Word! He has shown people that he is not trustworthy and selfish! The challenges he presented to the basketball program outweighted his contributions…good luck Derrick but good riddance!

  2. Derrick was a big fan of women’s basketball during his freshman year, and I got the opportunity to talk to him several times at Freedom when he attended the Lady Card games.

    With Derrick the NBA is the ultimate goal. College was one of those waystations on the route to it, and he really didn’t take the whole college thing too seriously. His intelligence level seemed really high…college classwork wasn’t difficult for him…he just plain didn’t have the interest in it.

    Because of Pitino sanctions and curfews, he missed a lot of women’s games his sophmore year…but he did promise me he’d send me a NBA jersey when he reached the next level during one of our Freedom Hall conversations.

    I hope I get that jersey, but I have a feeling he’ll be wearing a NBDL, CBA or European jersey first.

    Thanks for the memories, the bright smile and great sense of humor. College wasn’t your thing…I hope you do well in acheiving your dream.

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