These plots are so predictable.

The University of Missouri’s board of curators has finally met, languishing through a four-hour snooze fest, and deciding to do what everybody knew they were going to do. Explore their options.

What were they doing during the meeting? Exploring their options, of course. Now they’re awaiting an invitation from the Southeastern Conference.

End the showboating and the incessant melodrama. There are much more important issues to be decided, like getting the University of Louisville to the Big 12 Conference.

And don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

14 thoughts on “Bye, bye Missouri”
  1. Louisville, Cincinnati, and West Virginia, plus either BYU, TCU or South Florida. It will be great! Sucide alert for Rick Pitino.

  2. Please, please, please let the Big 12 offer us an invitation! To hell with the Big East, it is a dead conference. Honestly, all real followers of the CARDS have known for a while that the Big East was finished. If Ricky P. gets his wish and we remain in the Big Least (i’m sorry, i had to write it once) I will be a sick CARD fan! Because I love UofL that much! If T.J. cannot get us out of this conference it will be a catastrophe. See ya later WVU, UConn, and USF. I will miss Cincy though. As far as Ricky P. goes, the sooner he retires the sooner we can hire Brad Stevens. I bet Rick is tossing and turning in his bed right now. GO CARDS! Here we come Texas and Oklahoma, don’t be scared yet boys! C-A-R-D-S CARDS!

    1. I don’t think either Texas, Ok, or Kansas or any other of the B12 schools will be shaking in their shoes over UL. You might check the quality of schedule they play every year…it is equal to or surpasses anything UL has. I suspect LU would finish no higher than 3rd or 4th in the B12 basketball campaign.

      1. You might want to google U of L’s schedule before making comments that make you look so misinformed. I admire your love for your conference, but you need to get out in the real world more often.

        1. Who are you replying to Glen? I know UofLs schedule and didn’t mention it once pal. Nor would – like I said- any real UofL fan want to remain in a lame duck conference. I think you have been drinking the Ricky P. kool-aid. BTW, I think you fellas are scared of Texas and Oklahoma. Yeah, their schedule may be tougher but why? Oh yeah, because they play in the Big 12! Wow! You want Louisville to be stuck in Conference USA 2.0 obviously. My bad about the LU comment too, I know you meant Longhorn U. Get on the train guys.

  3. If Louisville gets a chance like this wemshould jump on it. UL vs. Texas in football, or UL vs. Cincinnati. Easy choice. We might get our butts kicked, but the good thing is a new rivalry with the greatest basketball program in basketball…Kansas!

  4. Hate to say it… But Kansas isn’t better than UK. Hate saying it but it’s true… But atleast we can play both if we move to the big 12. UL will find a way to be in a great position. No worries!


    1. Maybe Kansas isn’t greater than KU, but they are every bit the equal of KU…which of them has won the last National Championship?

      1. We’re not about to defend UK on here. We’ll pull for Kansas every time they play Kentucky.

      2. Okay- i thought you were calling Louisville LU as a joke, then you call Kentucky KU. Buddy, you are really confused and need to do some research about these schools acronyms. Obviously, you are a KU fan because your comments aren’t very bright pal. GO CARDS!

  5. Rumor started that Jurich is trying to broker a deal where Cincinnati and WVU accompany us to BIG 12.

  6. I have no idea what to think right now… looks like my Frogs are going to the UT Conference. Damn. Well, I do hope they invite you guys too if this is the case because the biggest reason I looked forward to joining the Big East was so that I could go visit my Maternal Hometown every other year for football.

    Anybody else sick of realignment yet?

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