A promising start nullified by a nothing ending.

Someone owes the Louisville football team’s defensive unit an apology.

  • Aggressive from beginning to the end and everywhere in between.
  • Limiting Pittsburgh to 255 yards running and passing.
  • Giving up one touchdown to a team scoring more than 40 points in each of the last two games in wins over Syracuse and Rutgers.
  • Allowing Dion Lewis only 65 yards rushing.
  • Quit is not in this defensive psyche, one of the few positives in Saturday’s effort. One would hope they can maintain the effort until the offense finally shows up.

*    *    *

Adam Froman giving Pitt the other touchdown, he with the lack of peripheral vision.

Froman, a deer in the headlights, throwing the ball at people’s feet, over their heads, anywhere but in the gut. Playing awkwardly, looking scared, losing poise.

Displaying the dexterity of a Walter Brennan, even before the hit that got him out of the game.

*    *    *

Offensive tackle Byron Stingily taking a step backward figuratively and literally, with UofL at Pittsburgh’s four-yard line. Will those days ever be behind him?

*     *     *

Almost inevitable, those 15-yard penalties on UofL kickoff returns. Someone needs to tell the special teams: Blocks in the back on kickoff returns are illegal.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

9 thoughts on “Louisville offense missing in action”
  1. The whole Louisville offense took a step backward today.Froman threw the ball like he was a option quarterback in high school,all the special teams where bad,Louisville in general just did not look very aggressive today.I can’t explain why Froman kept throwing the ball at his receivers feet, when his receivers looked like they where wide opened.I thought Pitt was going to be the toughest big east team we played this year,but after watching Syracuse play today i might have to change my mind.Anyway we just have to regroup and get prepared to play a very good Syracuse team this week.GO CARDS.

    1. He didn’t throw every pass at their feet. He managed to get an eight yard pass four feet over Chichester’s upstretched hands. I never knew he had that kind of arm strength.

  2. I lay this loss squarely on the the U of L offense. The defense played their respective butts off. The offense looked like “name that high school” on a bad night. Without Powell we end up with 85 yards passing. That’s a bad outing on any given day. So many options exist for this team, I trust CS will find a way.

  3. Nothing i can add. The last three summed it up. Froman better much lost this game as it was his worst gamr at Louisville, bar none. A senior should be improving not going backwards. We would have won today, if we had a quarterback! Thanks for the mess Kragthorpe!

  4. After reviewing the game (i recorded it) i still believe we are improving as a team,so cards fans don’t get discourage.Pittsburgh had some early season loses to top 25 teams, but they where probably the best team we will face this year,and that’s including Kentucky and Oregon State. This was easily Adam Froman worst game of the season and sometime you just can’t explain why a player who had been playing fairly well had such a bad game,but it happens sometimes. Charlie Strong is laying the foundation for us to be a successful program year in and year out, it’s going to take some time, but it will happen.GO CARDS BEAT SYRACUSE.

  5. Oh,and i forgot to add that Pittsburgh was a preseason AP top 15 team when the season started, we just happened to catch them when they where hitting on all cylinders, offensively and defensively.We still played them pretty good defensively because they blew out Syracuse and Rutgers there last two game.

  6. One thing that I can’t understand is Brown in the Wildcard. He has taken the snap about 15 times and has yet to throw a pass. I am assuming he is not Venus DeMilo and has arms.

    If I know he has yet to throw a pass you better believe the opponent’s DC sure as hell knows it and sets up to stop the run when he sees Brown in the game. Sure seems like an opportunity to mix it up and throw a pass. Perhaps we are waiting for the last quarter of game 12.

  7. I’ve wondered the same about Brown. No defense is expecting the pass. Why not try it? Couldn’t be any worse than the offense was already.

  8. Yea i agree with you guys,i don’t know what’s the deal with brown running the wildcat, i think his longest run from the wildcat formation is like eight yards? Brown was a big time recruit,and my guess is coach strong is just trying to keep him happy.

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