“I’m confident we will have great news to deliver.”

As in great news for the Big East Conference in terms of television contract and bowl affiliations.

While the Big East has been taking shots from every different direction over the past year, the conference staff has been tackling the tough issues.


In a radio interview Sunday on WLW in Cincinnati, Nick Carparelli, the senior associate commission, indicated that the Big East’s new TV contract could come close to or exceed the deal between ESPN and the Atlantic Coast Conference that amounts to $17 million per school.

“Whoever our future television partner is, it’s important to us that they brand the conference in the appropriate way and that they help promote this league and that we’re true partners,” he said.

As for bowl affiliations, Caparelli said the conference is receiving a lot of interest from bowls from place where we want to play and on the dates when we want to play.”

Listen and learn, starting at the 15:25 mark:

PLUS:  Big bucks being bandied about  at Big East Coast Bias


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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

9 thoughts on “Big East football could soar with new TV deal”
  1. Carparelli makes a lot of sense and he sure seems confident. With everybody else competing for prime time on ESPN, the Big East would be accessible at all the best times on NBC. I think Notre Dame is involved in making this happen and it could be a stroke of genius.

  2. I beg to differ. Other than saying the BE is in multiple time zones which could mean more chances for TV I heard not one single specific with details.

    As for as NBCSports, how many people even knew such a network existed before the Olympics? How many know about now? ESPN is known by everyone, NBCSports carries no impact with recruits. Tell me the number for it on Insight without looking it up. Every sports fan knows the number for ESPN.

    What I heard may be cause for optimism but until I see proof I think its number one on the hit parade for songs being whistled as one walks past the graveyard.

    1. cbcard, people will find football wherever it is on. This probably includes a combination of NBC (WAVE locally) and NBC Sports. I can almost guarantee the games will be on in every bar in America and in every restaurant with big screens and tiny screens.

      1. The local fans will, but high school kids? Which statement means more in recruiting:

        1. We are on ESPN all the time and that also means shots at being on SportsCenter.

        2. We are on NBCSportsnet.

        Any answer other than #1 is a fifteen yard penalty.

  3. This sort of contract proposal makes you think “could the Big East recapture respect in the general public’s eye?”

    Miami under Howard got respect by scheduling top teams – but more importantly Howard valued scheduling based on TV and Media exposure more than other factors. It helped that Miami was independent and in today’s world his plan would never work. But still having a network that is focused on hyping your league more than others (since it’s the only league they have available to them) has to be taken is as a factor when deciding to go to the Big 12 or ACC. Sure, the newly rebranded NBCSports network is less viewership than espn but will still be great exposure since many of the games will be on NBC’s main network for years to come both in fall and winter basketball. (Basketball could be alot of Saturday and Sunday marquee matchups!)

    What will be interesting is to watch this fall’s college news that is interspersed throughout the Notre Dame games. Watch to see if there isn’t an uptick of Big East coverage this fall during those halftime reports on NBC. Heck, any coverage more than just flashing the scores at the bottom of the screen would count as an uptick. :-/

  4. NBC has a ton of money with Comcast located in Philly w/Temple and Fedex w/Memphis. I believe NBC, Comcast,& Fedex The Big East will make more than ACC. The NBC/Big East needs to reinvent itself as a brand then become innovative and cutting edge.

  5. I think NBC has been around a while. Longer than ESPN. On ESPN we would be mixed in with all the other conferences. ON NBC we would be featured with ND. Broadcast TV reaches more viewers than cable anyways. I hope we end up with NBC. Screw ESPN and the way they have talked down the BE since we turned down their offer.

  6. With Comcast located in Philly home of Temple and Nova, and Fed Ex located in Memphis home of Memphis. I believe The Big East will get a nice deal worth more than ACC

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