By Steve Springer

Once again the Big East basketball is proving its dominance on the hardwood.  Seven conference teams rank in Scout’s top 25 recruiting rankings.  Almost half of the top 10 are conference brethren.

Add two more teams for honorable mention and you have still the best conference in the country.  Comparing the Big East to other conferences is like comparing a 300 horsepower all-wheel-drive Volvo S60 to a Gremlin.

St. John’s, Louisville, Syracuse, and Rutgers standing strong at the 4, 6, 8, and 10 spots, respectively.  West Virginia, Georgetown, and Villanova round out the top 25 at 21, 22, and 23 in that order.  Cincinnati and Pittsburgh almost squeeze in and get honorable mentions.

That’s 40% of the top ten and almost a third of the top 25.  Things aren’t going to get any easier around here, that’s for sure.

1.  Kentucky 14.  Baylor
2.  Duke 15.  Oklahoma State
3   Arkansas 16.  Xavier
4.  St. John’s 17.  Alabama
5.  Texas 18.  Florida State
6.  Louisville 19.  Michigan State
7.  North Carollina 20   Oregon
8.  Syracuse 21.  West Virginia
9.  Arizona 22.  Georgetown
10. Rutgers 23.  Villanova
11.  Illinois 24.  Vanderbilt
12.  Virginia Tech 25.  Mississippi State
13.  Ohio State
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By Steve Springer

Steve Springer is a lifelong University of Louisville fan and was Volvo's "Biggest Fan of the Big East" in 2011. He's a sportswriter for the Murray Ledger & Times, in addition to teaching physical education. He graduated from Eastern High School, earned a Master's degree from the University of Louisville and his BS degree at Murray State University. His Twitter handle is @racercard.

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  1. Any time Duke comes in second in recruiting, they’ve again recruited the top class because of the all-around quality of the athletes they recruit. Usually, not always mind you, everything is above board.

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