More mixed messages on the University of Louisville’s odds of receiving an invite from the Big 12 via Orangebloods, the fan site the University of Texas uses to send out trial balloons.

  • TCU, a school Texas has heretofore adamantly opposed as a conference member, may be gaining in favor, especially with Texas.
  • BYU was the favorite, but the school is a bit cautious about getting involved with all the infighting in the conference.
  • No special consideration for Louisville, which is lumped together with West Virginia and Cincinnati in an outside group of contenders.
  • Texas wants to hold expansion to 10 members but other members would like to expand to 12 members to solidify the conference with more numbers.
  • The TV partners (ABC/ESPN and Fox) would be comfortable with TCU to continue paying out the money in their contracts with the league.

A happy ending to all this conference expansion/realignment drama remains a long shot at best.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

2 thoughts on “Between the Big 12 plot lines”
  1. The Big 12 offers Great Football and Some great basketball programs. My concern though is in recruiting.We recruit Fl, Al, Ky, Ind, Ga, Oh, Tn,Pa Ny,Ma.
    How will this move effect those recruits ? Currently they and their families know that the players families are going to places they can see their Kids on regional tv networks. Moving further west might move them out of the picture, and we haven’t recruited the Big 12 areas hard so UL,WV,Cin would be way behind on the recruiting curve VS. the current Big 12 schools. Just MHO

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