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Good old NCAA, putting bureaucracy first, student athletes second.  The suspense continues at the University of Cincinnati where Ben Mauk is being kept in limbo by the NCAA on whether he will qualify for a medical hardship waiver  for a sixth year to complete four years of elmaukigibility.

Mauk has been turned down twice by the NCAA, most recently in April, claiming he  lacked documentation from Wake Forest, his former school to support his claim that an injury prevented him from competing during his freshman year there in 2003.

Mauk has reportedly submitted documentation but the NCAA is dragging its feet, keeping Mauk and his teammates in purgatory, according to a UC blog:

Whenever I talk to Mauk, he says he’s taking things in stride, that he can live with the NCAA’s decision either way, he just wants it resolved. I know he’s trying to take the high road, but that’s hard to believe. Most of us would be going nuts waiting for the hearing and subsequent decision. I know I would be very angry if I were him. It’s human nature. Coach Brian  Kelly said the uncertainty surrounding Mauk has not been a distraction for his team because Mauk is not taking snaps from the other quarterbacks in practice.

Guess here is that Mauk will return. The NCAA told him what he had to do, he’s done it, he’ll be a threat this year.

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More Parking — Louisville Metro Parks will offer parking at Churchill Park for UofL football games. For $10 per game, or $60 per season, fans can buy a pass that allows them to leave their vehicle at the lot, located at Floyd Street and Byrne Avenue, adjacent to Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. Link

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Bret Favre Saga – If the antics of the former quarterback at Green Bay and their effects on Brian Brohm’s future are getting to you, you will probably appreciate the way a former dictator views the situation in this video, courtesy of Deadspin:

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