Pack The House — Sunday is Pack The House day and the University of Kentucky is the opponent for the University of Louisville Lady Cards basketball team. Game time is 2 p.m., and tickets are $5 each ($2 each if you buy 10 or more).

The Lady Wildcats were not ladylike last season at Rupp Arena. Coach Matthew Mitchell’s Hell Cats physically abused Angel McCoughtry, sending her to the dressing room for almost 20 minutes. But she returned with stitches on her forehead in the second half to nail down a 80-65 win for UofL.

If you want the University of Kentucky to know which university owns Louisville, you need to be there to send a message to the Lexingtonians. Carly Ormerod, a Wildcat who haughtily snubbed the Cards, played at Sacred Heart Academy in the confused St. Matthews area where there are entirely too many Cat fans.

A few Cat fans is a few too many.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

14 thoughts on “Angel’s Muggers Coming To Town”
  1. The Cats were absolutely brutal, it was deliberate what they did to Angel and everyone knew it. Mitchell still owes us an apology. Freedom Hall will not treat the Cats very kindly.

  2. Consider me one of those dumb ass jocks who wouldn’t admit women’s sports were good even if we won the national championship. I do want to see the Lady Cards clobber the Cats.

  3. Your words, Jerry. If you were a Cards fan before it became popular in Louisville, you might also want to get behind these women. Now’s the time.

  4. We cannot afford to overlook Hartford on Weds. night. They were in the NCAA Tournamnet last year, and have knocked off Duke this year. Kills me to miss this one live, but I’ll be listening on the radio.

    Jerry. I only hope you’re not Jerry Smith, or Jerry Lewis. OK, then. Bye-Bye now. Run back to the cave now and club someone.

  5. As a new resident of Louisville and a new Cardinal fan – men’s and women’s – I am really becoming passionate about supporting the various teams. I have purchased women’s season basketball tickets and always look forward to attending every game while also introducing friends, co-workers and business contacts to Lady Cards basketball. Although attendance is decent, it should be better embraced not only by the city, but by the student body. In this day and age, it’s very disheartening to see how the University itself does not support the team.

    Now, as far as the team is concerned…if they really, really, really want to be National Champions they have to….

    – drive the lane more, and draw the foul
    – hit freethrows consistently
    – JUMP…there’s a reason you are over 6 feet tall…use it while you can
    – Play as a team – and don’t rely on Angel 100% of the time. Basketball is a team sport and Angel is the core of the team, but only she can perform as well as her team plays.


  6. You always have to consider the bandwagon effect. Get to the Final Four and watch people climb aboard.

  7. Charlie…sad, but true. I watched fans fill Freedom Hall last year when the Lady Cards played Connecticut – it was a school record and an NCAA record for attendance at a women’s basketball game for regular season! I know the interest is there, the passion just has to be ignited…and maintained.

  8. Julie,

    Although the Lady Cards numbers are’nt what the men’s team, we are growing and the future looks very bright. Look how far we’ve come…from the days where occasionally we’d have a game at Ballard or Butler High School. When we were the opening act for the guys, and most importantly…we’re a top 10 team now, that gets mentioned on SportsCenter…that is in the best conference in women’s college basketball. Still, the work is not done. Spread the word, invite a friend and follow the Cards on the radio when they’re playing out of town. Mention to broadcast sponsors that you heard them on Cards broadcasts, and thank them for their support. And, most importantly…go to games.

  9. I saw that Jasper check in around 10 p.m. That Sonja is a fanatic. Got my season tickets today and checked out Papa John’s construction site for the scoop.

  10. Welcome to Louisville and Cardinal Country, Julie. Glad to have you on board as a strong U of L fan – attendance has been increasing every year for the women; they put a great team out there. Hope we smear yUK off of the floor Sunday like a dirty dead bug….but then, that’s me. Go CARDS!

  11. Sonja – thanks for the tips! I am an avid supporter of women’s basketball both at the college and professional level. I’m a season ticket holder for the Indiana Fever and this is my first year as a season ticket holder for the Lady Cards! In fact, I purchased the family pack so I could invite friends, family, co-workers, and clients to games. I know the challenges women’s basketball faces with corporate sponsors and simply most people’s view of women’s bball till they actually attend and see a game. Then, they come away with a whole new respect of how the women play fundamental, team basketball and are playing for the passion of playing and winning a championship as opposed to securing an NBA contract and sneaker endorsements (not that there is anything wrong with that…after all, sports is a business). Last year I watched the Lady Cards live via ESPN 360 on my MAC since I don’t have cable…and if that wasn’t available, I was steaming it online or listening to it on the good ‘ol radio. Thanks for providing the history of how the Lady Cards have evolved…I’m very proud of them and really believe they can go all the way…GO CARDS!

  12. OK! Julie. Thanks for commenting and being a Cards fan! Although I won’t be in the hall tonight, Paul will and will be yelling for the both of us. I’ll follow the action from the car radio (along with the occasional bleed in from 4 or 5 other stations, including one that plays really hot Cuban tunes) A bottle of white zin, and cell phone updates from the big guy…yeah, looks like a fun evening…

    Will try to post a follow up after the game, may be late…trying to get five kids to agree on anything and to go to bed when their Mom is not there and Dad is at work is something I would not want to do on a full time basis. Thank goodness my Mom is here with me.


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