The dream scenario is that everything finally comes together, youth becomes maturity, potential becomes reality. Not enough to play two good games the first week. Growth has to be real, not adrenaline induced but knowledge and experience-based and extended over three weeks.

UL_Cardinal_head_logoDavid Padgett playing more than eight-minute stretches, sky hooks connecting both sides of the basket. Padgett says he is 100% healthy; proving it by hanging in there for a couple extra minutes every game.

UL_Cardinal_head_logoJerry Smith hitting three-point shots. Rick Pitino says Smith is not in a shooting slump. Smith proving it.

UL_Cardinal_head_logoTerrence Williams doing what he does best, passing and dunking, not being spectacular, just reliable and consistent.

UL_Cardinal_head_logoEarl Clark demanding more of himself and others; stops being so humble, getting hungry and angry around the basket.

UL_Cardinal_head_logoEdgar Sosa reverting to being the player who scored 30 points in the second round last year, worrying more about the score than his personal performance.

UL_Cardinal_head_logoDerrick Caracter demanding more of himself, being alert on each end of the floor, making it difficult for Pitino to pull him.

UL_Cardinal_head_logoAndre McGee foregoing the layups, drilling the threes.

UL_Cardinal_head_logoPreston Knowles continuing to be the best defender, ratcheting up the shooting part of his game.

UL_Cardinal_head_logoJuan Palacios playing like a senior possessed, exuding and inspiring confidence.

UL_Cardinal_head_logoA team hitting 35% of its three-point attempts, 70% of its free throws, and showing the same kind of intensity exhibited during February.

No ifs, ands or buts this time of year. No amateur hours, no head hanging, no gallivanting around between games. Time to do what Pitino has preached. Stand up, move out of the pew, get out there and convert the doubters.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

2 thoughts on “Getting The Act Together”
  1. those last 2 stats plus


    will be necessary to go beyond Sweet 16

  2. Our D vs. their O. Let’s go!

    “I’ve only got a couple weeks left in my college career and I’m going to give it all I’ve got.” David Padgett


    Vegas may like us by 13. But, if we’re not focused, we could blow this first game.

    Very worthwhile insights from a man who coached against Boise St. three times this year–and also knows the Cards very well:

    From Idaho Statesman: … New Mexico State coach Marvin Menzies knows Louisville and BSU as well as anyone:

    Also, if you have the time to stop by, there aresome neat shots of the new team T-shirts, a story Card fans will like on one-and-done UK, and some interesting quotes from the opponents.


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