Settle down. This is going to take a while longer.

The one sure thing about conference realignment is nothing is certain until announced. What appears inevitable one minute can be out of the question in less than five minutes.

The Big Ten move to pluck Rutgers from the Big East and Maryland from the Atlantic Coast Conference this week has shaken the conference realignment landscape to the core.  The peace has been shattered, it’s every conference and school for themselves.

The debate over Louisville and UConn may have suddenly taken a back seat in some circles to whether the ACC will even survive.  The Big Ten, the Big 12 and the Southeastern Conference may be preparing for an all-out raid of another basketball centric conference.

The speed with the ACC could be totally devastated would make what happened to the Big East over several years akin to a merciful and honorable goodbye. If an school is good in basketball, it had better be damned good in football if it is to survive the aftermath.

My guess is Louisville’s future is back on hold. With visions of mega million payouts, the conference commissioners and college presidents are scheming around the clock to out-scheme each other. Any handshakes, promises and agreements up to now could be meaningless.

The end game appears to be four football super conferences, consisting of 64 teams as someone suggested about four years ago. Whether 64 will be the right number will only be decided when the destination appears within reach.


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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

7 thoughts on “All’s fair in love and conference realignment”
  1. I seriously doubt the ACC is going anywhere. But who knows. I am more concerned with the big east. This is going nowhere. West Virginia made a brilliant play. Hope Louisville can find somewhere to land. If not it’s looking like the big east will be second to conferences like the a10 (Bball) and even con USA and others in football. Not good at all when Pitt Syracuse wva rutgers leave and Louisville is just sitting there. Someone screwed up. Big ten ACC or big 12 would be much better. Now we just wait.

    1. Steveko obviously hasn’t been paying attention to what is happening. Virginia Tech says it may be open to an SEC invite. Everybody knows NC State would go in a heart beat. Big Ten said to be considering Virginia and North Carolina. Florida State threatens to leave if Louisville isn’t invited to the ACC.

      Your precious ACC just might be the next Big East, Steveko. Wake up and look at what’s going on around you. This is not the old days.

      1. Cards to the ACC. Maybe it was you Rasputin who have been sleep walking. As I said a week ago, ACC will end up stronger. Looks like that’s the case. Are you awake??

  2. It is hard to believe that the ACC is in a precarious position, Steve, but it is even more difficult to comprehend what has already occurred during conference realignment. With all the money to be made, there are more major moves ahead, and only the Big Ten, the SEC and Pac 12 are safe from poaching.

  3. Not my precious ACC, still it standing strong when all is said and done. I could be wrong. Rasputin ignored my comment that wva rutgers etc have all made great moves while just awaits their fate. Maybe someone else needs to wake up.

  4. I’m not claiming to be an expert. Maybe Rasputin has inside knowledge that no one else does. I believe the ACC will be even stronger when all is said and done. My opinion. Not an ACC fan at all. But let’s not forget ND joined the ACC and will have 5 football games per year; ACC increased it’s exit fee to $50 million; and will most likely get UConn. Very strong basketball – UNC, Duke, NC State, Pitt, Syracuse, Notre Dame and, for now, decent football with FSU, Clemson some ND games etc. We’ll have to see what happens but if I’m right would love to hear rasputins comments in the future. ACC will remain very strong. Let’s hope cards find a home.

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