By Sonja Sykes

Sometimes when a team is taken out of its game, the comfort zone if you will, things can go south quickly. Not so for the University of Louisville women’s basketball team. The Lady Cards proved they can win in a pressure packed environment, in a half court offense and by scoring in ways other than the fast break style Coach Jeff Walz prefers.

Louisville advanced to the Sweet 16 for the second year in a row behind the work of Angel McCoughtry, who had 28 points and multiples scars from another bruising, slashing opponent, this time with all of the advantages LSU enjoyed playing on its home court in Baton Rouge. Tom Jurich may want to consider renaming Cardinal Arena to McCoughtry Hall to go with a promised statue.

  • The Lady Cards’ vaunted “mad dog” press had little effect on the patient and disciplined Tigers throughout the game. Only three turnovers for the LSU Tigers. The Cards’ box and chaser finally shut down Allison Hightower who pretty much scored at will against the Cards before the defensive switch.
  • How about tough Dez Byrd? One turnover and a masterful job operating the offense to find the isolation looks to Candyce Bingham and McCoughtry for baskets. Byrd played the full 40 minutes.
  • Becky Burke with a clutch three when it absolutely, positively was needed late in the second half to put the Cards up by seven.
  • The four letter network did its best to try to soil a Cardinal victory in Baton Rouge by cutting away with 1:47 left and Louisville only leading by seven. They chose to show several timeouts in the Baylor-South Dakota State game instead of cutting back to Cardinal coverage.
  • Next up for the Lady Cards: those Baylor Bears we were all forced to watch for countless minutes standing in the huddle, faking injuries and hitting a miracle shot with .5 left in the game
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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

5 thoughts on “Rouge Rough But Lady Cards 62, LSU 52”
  1. We won so I can say this. The governance and officiating in women’s college basketball is almost inept, sometimes resembling the world wrestling federation or what it goes by these days. It badly needs to get better soon.

  2. As usual the refs were HORRIBLE in this game. I thought we looked dull the first half. As usual, Angel was pushed, took a knee in the stomach, knocked down and yet SHE was called for 3 fouls – as usual Angel and Company stood their ground and pulled out another victory. Baylor is TOUGH but then, so are we…..hang in there CARDS….go CARDS, keep on going.

  3. The referees were about average, nothing more. Angel has been the victim of “hacky-shaq” this entire season and I do believe it only strengthens her will, resolve and determination. Candyce Bingham was huge last night and this time of year it’s survive and advance. We did that despite the conditions, enviroment and momentary lapses.

  4. Amateurs calling that game tonight. The administrators, the officials, and the networks need to catch up with the players in terms of quality. The public will get fed up quickly with second rate people running the women’s college basketball game.

  5. Nothing like beating an SEC team at home. Handed their butts to them. Way to go Lady Cards!

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