A frequent complaint from some of the more crankyUniversity of Louisville fans is the fading of the chairbacks in Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. Once a brilliant red, the original seats are now an ugly pink.

Don’t expect any wholesale replacements anytime son.

“Replacing all the pink seats would cost about $750,000,” said K. C. Scull, stadium manager who oversees all of the football facilties. “We may replace a few sections at a time, but it will be gradual.”

K. C. Skull

Skull indicated that U of L has considered but rejected the idea of repainting the seats out of concern that painting them might leave residue on fans’ clothing.

There’s no incentive for the suppliers to replace the pink seats, which are only covered by a five-year warranty. “They would rather sell us new seating,” he said. He notes that some of the seats are getting brittle, indicating that U of L had to replace several of them after a kicking practice last season.

There are two kinds of seats — bucket seats for most fans, and folding seats in the luxury seating areas. They are supplied by Louisville-based Dant Clayton Corporation and Hussey Seating Company in Maine.

“The best thing is that when all the seats are occupied, the problem goes away,” he said.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

8 thoughts on “About all those pink seats”
  1. if the pink seats bother people. why don’t they say that the seats are in tribute to susan b. clomen cancer progrem?

  2. I love the suggestion about when the seats are full it eliminates the problem! But if they ever do decide to replace them I’d hope they go with a different manufacturer. Why go back with the same ones that just faded? There has to be something better out there that won’t fade so quickly.

    1. Technology improves. I remember reading a while back that the company that provided them was embarrassed about them fading and was working hard on developing seats that would be more fade resistant.

    2. The reason the seats and backs are fading is because the original manufactuer DID NOT utilize enough ultra-violet inhibitor product into their plastic formulation. (It’s expensive!)
      They replaced a number of other NFL stadiums that had the same basic problem.

  3. I suggest putting all new seats in the visitors’ sections prior to next year’s season opener. In 1998, the UK fans sweaty butts and their white shorts married with the leaching red-pigmented plastic seats made for some hilarious pink-bottomed wildcat bubbas walkin’ down Floyd and Central (about the only thing to laugh about that day). Hopefully, for everyone’s benefit, the seats will have been improved. If not, the first laugh will be on our friends to the east!

  4. I’ve noticed the fading but like the tribute idea. Maybe consider different color(s) for any replacement seats??

  5. Another thought: use it as a reconciliation concert venue between Roger Waters and the rest of Pink Floyd! Yeowee, set the controls for the center of the sun and hang on Louisville!

  6. Gotta go with the Susan B. Komen breast cancer awareness idea. Waters and Gilmour are already reconciled. Set the controls for the downtown area next!

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