2019-20 Louisville basketball season in review

By Terry McMillan

The University of Louisville has both men’s and women’s basketball teams of which fans can be extremely proud. With the regular season all but done for the men, now is a great time to take a look back at how it has gone for them. By looking at how they have done in the regular season, fans can see if the men’s team may make it all the way to lifting the 2020 National Championship trophy. Also, thanks to Fox Bet PA and other sportsbooks, you can place a bet and make some cash from any success the team has.

Just how has it all panned out for the Cardinals this time around?

 Coming into the current season, some people had a feeling that the Cardinals were going to do well. This has certainly turned out to be true during the regular season. They sit on top of the ACC conference with a 24-6 record and only one more game to play against rivals Virginia.

If they can win this and remain top dog, it will be a very pleasing end to an awesome year for the side. Results that will stand out include the 91-62 mauling of Indiana State and the stunning 79-73 triumph away at Duke. All this sees them looking back on a regular season in which they have performed to a high standard overall.

What has gone right in particular, and what has been behind this stellar campaign?

Form of Malik Williams and Steven Enoch

 There is no doubt that UofL has done well. Players such as David Johnson and Jordan Nwora obviously have something about them when on court. The two real standouts though have been Malik Williams and Steven Enoch. It is the form of these two that has really helped the team enjoy success in their current campaign.

Williams is not only a seriously good player but also the team’s leader. He is the player who sets the tone and who others look to when games get tough. They have noticeably struggled when he is not there. Coach Chris Mack will therefore hope that Williams’ recent ankle injury clears up in time for the upcoming March Madness. Enoch has also been in great form this year and is another whose presence is missed when not available. Another player who has size on his side, his offensive play at center has been vital to the Cardinals’ regular-season victories.

Almost perfect home record

 To say that the side has been dominant at home this season is an understatement. They currently sit with a 17-1 record – only the defeat against Florida State has blemished their stats at the KFC! Yum Center. With only one game left to play, even another loss would still leave them with a very decent home record to reflect on. This has really helped them build a solid base to do well from in 2019/20 and has helped the players gain enough confidence to perform at their best.

 Nothing breeds success in sports like a settled team. It is not hard to see, then, where the Cardinals have taken advantage of this in 2019/20. Although certain players, including Nwora and Enoch, were expected to leave, the turnover from the previous year was actually quite low. In fact, Christen Cunningham was the only major name to leave in the offseason before this campaign began. This has helped greatly as it kept a real continuity within the locker room and also gave new players such as Lamarr Kimble a solid structure to fit into.

The regular 2019/20 season went well due to Mack being in charge again. Mack is obviously a talent himself and has everything you would want in a top basketball coach. His presence alone is enough to help his team perform, as are his tactics. Indeed, he even got Louisville ranked at number one in the country for a few weeks back in December 2019.

 Although what happens in March Madness may well set the tone for how we remember the Cardinals’ season overall, it is fair to say that their regular season has gone very well. Rising to the number one ranking in the whole country is no mean feat, and topping the ACC is also an indicator of how well things have gone.