The shirt worn by Jan Catlin to the championship game of the Louisville Regional says it all for fans who endured too many extra innings, rain delays, pitchers’ duels, hitting slumps and other disruptions during the post season.

Vanderbilt Squeezes Way Into Super Regional

Just a slow dribbler out in front of the plate, Neil Holland staring hopelessly at the ball, a moment frozen in time, no effort to pick it up, the ball rolling past him, Vanderbilt runner crossing the plate.

Another bunt in a long line of successful attempts, Louisville loses 3-2. Vanderbilt advances to the Super Regional.

  • The magic began to fade during the Big East Tournament for this Louisville team, with so many disputed calls, the impotent bats, the inconsistent relief pitching. The capper was Dan McDonnell being ejected during the St. John’s game, getting suspended for three games as the NCAA Tournament begins.
  • Thomas Royse getting out of bases-loaded jam in the fourth inning, striking out the final two batters, but running out of juice again almost on schedule in the sixth inning.
  • A tenth inning rally cut short when Josh Richmond is called out for interfering with the catcher as Stewart Ijames attempts to steal second with no outs. Lights out.
  • The season ends for the University of Louisville baseball team with the players consoling each other under the lights in the left field. Very quiet, except for the tears.
  • Eat. Sleep. Baseball. Fun, but a grind as well.

The only good thing about the loss is we get our other lives back.

Among the disappointed University of Louisville fans was Danielle Clark-McDonald, the sister of first baseman Andrew Clark, who attended many of the U of L games during the season, motoring all the way from New Palestine, north of Indianapolis.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

8 thoughts on “Louisville Baseball Ends On A Dribbler”
  1. A. I agree that it is a game of inches, many chances came and went. Good calls, bad calls…bottom line we did not execute.
    B. Vandy fans were not pleasant. Thats all I’ll say.
    C. Heard Coach Strong on the radio this a.m. Great timing, now rather than licking my wounds I am getting more and more excited about Football. My wife is going to the women’s clinic on the 19th. She wants to be a Great Football wife…I am so pleased.
    Go Cards!!

  2. My throat, hands and heart all still hurt from this game. It was an amazing season. I hung around the ball park for an hour or so after the game, dreading that fact that the next time I’ll be there it will likely be 30 degrees. But I’ll be there with gloves on. This baseball team is an addiction.

  3. Baseball is truly a game of inches….the Arnold home run the Clark line drive….the 10th inning bunt….a few more inches on them all and we are playing next weekend.

    Like I have said before, “that’s baseball” for the good and bad.

    Thank you Cards for the amazing season and all the wins…I am already looking forward to next season for better or worse!

    Also, best of luck to all those players drafted or graduating or both…we wish you all the best life has to offer and give you our thanks for all the great memories!

  4. Wow that was a heartbreaker. Lost a ton of respect for vandy fans for their obnoxious antics throughout the whole regional. We’ll be back and go seminoles next weekend! Vandy fans are assholes…

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