Sometimes it’s the little things that spoil the fun at football games. The worst offenders are people who would never violate etiquette at a Broadway production but routinely offend others in stadium settings.

Ten Commandments for Football Fans

    • Be in your seat before kickoff. Stumbling over fans as the game begins is not cool.
    • Don’t walk in front of other fans in the middle of a play. Wait for the huddle.
    • Know when to stand or not to stand. Don’t be a dork.
    • Don’t boo the home team.
    • Keep a lid on the foul mouthing. Kids are listening.
    • Keep the cliches to yourself. We’ve heard them all.
    • If wearing headphones, don’t keep repeating what you hear on the radio.
    • Don’t ask seatmates what just happened.  The public address announcer will usually explain.
    • Limit alcohol intake.
    • Don’t leave until the game is over.

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      By Charlie Springer

      Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

      2 thoughts on “10 Commandments For Football Fans”
      1. People should be able to stand at football games, regardless of the venue. This is not a time for sitting on your butt, especially after last season. Team needs to know they have a bunch of fanatics on the sidelines.

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