Reasons for Louisville to defeat Kentucky

Ten Thirteen reasons the observer wants the University of Louisville basketball team to beat Kentucky this New Year’s Eve.

  • The UK basketball team is the symbol of pride for many Kentuckians, blind to all the suspicion that perennially clouds the program and the record number of NCAA probations.
  • John Calipari strongly reminds one of the kid at school, a thief, the one couldn’t control his sticky fingers, always under suspicion, one step away from being apprehended.
  • The transient nature of the UK roster, consisting largely of players looking for quick tickets out of the college game.
  • The incompetency of some local media program directors, giving a homegrown UK ambulance chaser like Matt Jones radio and TV shows to promote hate against and lies about the home town team.
  • UK fans think success in basketball overcomes all the stereotypes about Kentuckians. The blue blinders only serve to confirm them.
  • The number of UK fans in Louisville, roughly 35% of the metro population, according to the most recent Courier-Journal study.
  • Local residents who say they like both teams but cheer for UK when it plays Louisville.
  • Country bumpkins who have never been to Louisville but get off on trashing the city.
  • Louisville fans are often lumped in with Kentuckians by outsiders. We’re from Louisville, folks, not from Kentucky.
  • UK’s marketing department actually thinks Card Game visitors will click on their ads on this site.
  • For the vitriol hurled Rick Pitino’s way by UK fans despite all he did to rescue the program from near obscurity during the Nineties.
  • UK blue is the worst shade of blue in the color wheel, distinguishing the wearers as color blind or devoid of taste.
  • We don’t like those people.

Author: Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, as well as a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

22 thoughts on “Reasons for Louisville to defeat Kentucky”

  1. Charlie– you know how I

    But…you are taking some very harsh shots at the people in rural Kentucky (i.e. anything outside of Louisville)

    I lived there for years and the people have their opinions but are frankly kinder than most “city folk”

    Plenty to hate Big Blue for– but not for rural life or connections to it

    1. I removed the rural part, Frank, just left it with Kentuckians. The point was about the blind boot licking of so many of them who put basketball above everything else. A lot of fans are like that but UK fans seem to be worst. Anyway, it’s all in fun. Sure.

  2. Thanks Charlie. I was working on a lengthy response. Rural is a relative term. If Owensboro is rural, I can tell you it’s much more challenging being a Cards fan in this area. Glad you didn’t play into the same urban vs. rural prejudice that many UK fans wear on their sleeves. I consider UofL THE state’s university. Go Cards!!

    1. David, we’re cool with Owensboro, having spent a couple of years there while an undergraduate (before U of L grad school). Worked in the sports department at the Messenger & Inquirer. Owensboro one of my favorite cities in the state.

  3. kentucky is going to win the basketball game, i dont usually talk out like this but show some class man, if all you can say is something bad about arguably the best college basketball tradition in america, then keep your mouth shut.

    1. Patrick, in case you didn’t notice by the website, backgroud, ads(with the exception of one), or any of the other articles this is a U of L blog site. We will trash UK, they are our rival. As passionate sports fans, we have a right to trash our rival. If you don’t like it don’t read a sports blog, it happens on each one of em.

  4. We’ve done careful consideration and in depth reseach on this one and still find the contest too close to call. Naturally, I hope the Cards win. WE’d like to think that the pro-partisian UofL crowd in the YUM might be the deciding factor We can go on this trend, though. On years that the Lady Cards lose the annual matchup against the Lady Kats…the men Cards usually lose to tne UK men’s team.

    The Lady Cards defeated the Lady Kats earlier this month. Call it our “wooly worm” but we’re going with Louisville.

  5. Lets go with the number one reason to beat UK this weekend: we will not let the blue nation soil our new arena 🙂

        1. Wel Pat, yu got mee on thaat won. I ain’t never did lurn know gudder english cause I half too addmitt eye did aattened uk en mi urly yeers. At leest eye dont eat raw corn frum a bucket and wish “happy burthday uncle dad”


  7. All hail to thee our U of L
    As we stand up for her fame.
    All hail to thee our U of L
    As we fight to win this game.
    Sing praises for a victory,
    We wish our heroes well.
    All hail the Cardinal Spirit.
    All hail our U of L!

  8. Well with that attitude I doubt many people care if Louisville joined Indiana, you might even be able to control a series with IU.

  9. Nice article. Nos. 1-4 a bit shaky IMHO. But ‘A wish is a dream your heart makes’. Being the second son is always a challenge. ALWAYS wanting to sit at the table’s ‘head’. Always a step slower, a ‘size’ smaller. I get it. But guess what? Only if a nuclear holocaust eradicates Lexington & Frankfort will the UaL become #1 in the hearts of the state. Hate on, my hairless friend. Hate on….

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