University of Louisville is in good hands under David Grissom

Junior Bridgeman (left) turned the reins of the UofL Board of Trustees to David Grissom on Saturday.

University of Louisville supporters can be confident that the future of the school is in good hands with David Grissom having been named Chairman of the UofL Board of Trustees. He will not abide mediocrity.

Grissom was selected by the board Saturday, winning the post over Junior Bridgeman, a highly successful businessman and former Louisville basketball player. Bridgeman was a good choice last year when UofL needed a likable leader to bridge the gap between the old and new boards. Grissom is the better choice now, an aggressive, no-nonsense leader to deal with some of the immense challenges facing the University.

David Grissom does not abide mediocrity.

Grissom, who obtained his law degree from UofL, has a long history of successful management in Louisville, including serving as Executive Vice President of Human during its early days in the late Sixties. He went on to become Chairman and Chief Executive at Citizens Fidelity Corporation, and Vice Chairman of the PNC Corporation that succeeded Citizens Fidelity.

He also was the founder of Mayfair Capital, which provides financial guidance to many of the community’s wealthiest citizens. Name a leading business or community organization and he has probably served as a board member during his career.

It was obvious Saturday that Grissom has already devoted a lot of time to the University’s challenges, extracting a commitment from the UofL Foundation not to initiate any new investments in real estate until completion of the forensic audit. Grissom said he plans to deal directly with the firm conducting the audit.

He also wants the UofL Trustees to meet monthly because of the enormity of some the problems, including the audit, the accreditation issues, and the NCAA investigation of the basketball program. This has to occur before UofL can attract superior candidates for the Presidency, which Grissom said could up to 18 months.

“We’ve got to score some wins first,” he said.

The University of Louisville is fortunate to have an individual like Grissom getting personally involved at this crucial time in the University’s development. He will face the problems head on, get the right people involved, people who want the best for the school, and set some incredibly high goals and objectives for UofL. 

Have no doubt David Grissom will get it done.

Author: Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, as well as a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

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