Transition schedule for UofL football

No game with Texas A&M or other surprises on the 2013 University of Louisville football schedule announced Wednesday but there’s still time for the network folks to get that worked out.

Just getting a look at the schedule, however, generates enthusiasm for UofL football fans, anticipating a memorable transition year from the Big East and the yet-to-be-named conference to the Atlantic Coast Conference for the 2014 season.

Two Thursday and Friday games, indicating that Louisville football will be featured on the ESPN network at least four times. With Teddy Bridgewater calling signals, expect at least two or three more nationally telecast games.

Interesting that Cincinnati is the final game, replacing Rutgers as the season finale for the first time since UofL joined the league in 2005. Imagine playing a tradition rival in the last game.

An unprecedented three open dates should provide more opportunity to recover from inevitable injuries.

The train leaves the station in six months.

Date Day Opponent Location
Aug. 31 Saturday Ohio University Louisville
Sept. 7 Saturday Eastern Kentucky University Louisville
Sept. 14 Saturday University of Kentucky Lexington
Sept. 21 Saturday Florida International University Louisville
Sept. 28 Saturday Open
Oct. 5 Saturday Temple University Philadelphia
Oct. 10 Thursday Rutgers University Louisville
Oct. 18 Friday Central Florida University Louisville
Oct. 26 Saturday University of South Florida Tampa
Nov. 2 Saturday Open
Nov. 8 Friday UConn East Hartford
Nov. 16 Saturday University of Houston Louisville
Nov. 23 Saturday University of Memphis Louisville
Nov. 30 Saturday Open
Dec. 5 Thursday University of Cincinnati Cincinnati


Author: Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, as well as a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

3 thoughts on “Transition schedule for UofL football”

  1. That schedule is awful. Talk about putting its fans to sleep. Louisville can go 12-0 and would have no shot of playing for national title.

    1. We’re just three games removed from having Syracuse and UConn teams beat the crap out of us and we’re talking about playing for a national championship? The Florida win was a great one but we also had three weeks to prepare for the Gators. The schedule will pick up soon enough when we get into the Atlantic Coast Conference. Meanwhile, let’s keep those expectations reasonable for now. One of the primary reasons for going to the ACC is improve the schedule. There’s little we can do about it right now. The schedule is probably stronger than it looks. Always is.

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