Louisville fan wins! Thanks to Cardinal Nation!!!

I have been named Volvo’s Biggest Fan of the Big East!!!

  • A trip to New York City for the Big East Tournament Championship Game to be announced at halfcourt at halftime of the tournament championship
  • The University of Louisville will get $10,000 from Volvo.
  • And I will be the recipient of a brand new naughty Volvo S60!!

Thanks again for the support, U of L fans!  I couldn’t have done it without you!!

Now, I’m supposed to be working, so more details to follow later!

Go Cards!  Go Big East! and GO VOLVO!!! THANK YOU!!!

Here’s the announcement e-mail from Volvo:

We’re very pleased to announce that Volvo¹s Biggest Fan of the Big East is Steve Springer.

Volvo feels that Steve has gone above and beyond throughout the season. His challenge posts showed his unique perspective in an engaging way, and always gained a lot of reader conversation in the comments section of UofLCardGame. He’s gained support from other Cards blogs along the way, and has made a number of Volvo videos (and appearances on WLKY, his local CBS affiliate) to hype the competition. He also got the word about the campaign out by putting pictures and videos up on Facebook and he used the #volvos60 hashtag on his Twitter account the greatest number of times of any of the fans. Not to mention, he’s been leading the fan poll for most of the season!

We’d like to emphasize that this was a very hard decision to make. The entire competition was fierce; the Final Four especially displayed all of the characteristics of a true Big East fan. Congratulations to Steve for winning the competition, and to everyone for a great season!

Author: Steve Springer

Steve Springer is a lifelong University of Louisville fan and is officially "The Biggest Fan of the Big East." He graduated from Eastern High School, attended the University of Louisville, and finished his BS at Murray State University. He earned the honor of the conference's biggest fan in a contest sponsored by Volvo during the 2010-11 basketball season.

26 thoughts on “Louisville fan wins! Thanks to Cardinal Nation!!!”

  1. You are king of the Big East, Steve. Way to go big man! We knew you were a winner but these contests can be challenging. Enjoy yourself in New York and bring home the Big East trophy in that new car. Wow!

  2. WOW, WOW and oh yes, WOW! That is absolutely FANtastic news. Congratulations Steve. You deserved this honor because I know you BLEED RED. So happy for you. Go CARDS!!!!!

  3. YEAH BOY! Way to go Steve! From all of us here at CARDINAL COUPLE…Congratulations!!! ( We knew you had it all along)…Let the celebrations begin!!!

    1. Congratulations to Steve and Casey and their family. Your persistence really paid off. I hope you plan a big victory ride for Charlie and Barbara for their constant support of you and your efforts. If not for them I would have been unaware that the contest was on. I’m sure they are justifiably proud.

  4. HAH! Nice guys DO finish FIRST! Keep on writing, Steve–I really enjoyed your columns. And thanks to the widespread Card fan base out there–you played unselfishly, just like our guys on court. Go Cards!

  5. A big hat tip to the biggest Card fan around, and there are lots of them. You overcame UK fans voting against you, as well Notre Dame, St. John’s and 13 other schools. Tremendous accomplishment. Well done.

  6. Thanks again to all of you. I couldn’t have done it without the Card Game audience, commenting, retweeting, etc.

    It really is humbling what The Cardinal Faithful can accomplish when sticking together for a cause!!!

    I love and thank each and every one of you!!!

  7. Hope you get to see the Cards in the finals!! If I had the money I would be up in NYC right now. Congrats!

  8. OHMYOHMYOHMYOHMYOHMYOHMYOHMYOHMYOHMYOHMYOHMYOHMYOHMY, Steve! I just got the news! This, after things looked so uphill only two days ago! It’s obvious, they liked the total package, not the least of which were your inspirational, from-the-heart stories!

    This flat makes my season. I feel like I did last year after we walloped Syracuse in the last game in The Hall! I’d would have loved to have seen the looks on your kids’ faces (and your dad’s) when they were told the news!

    AAAANNNDDD, welcome to the Volvo Nation…Volvo for Life (saved mine)!

    P.S. Charlie, you’re allowed to show a little pride about all this!

    1. Tom, thanks for you support all along during the contest. Your direct involvement got others involved in a huge way over at Inside the Ville, and I will never forget your encouragement and faith in the process. Can’t wait to see Steve become a part of your automotive fraternity. Steve is scheduled to be on WKRD in the morning at 7:45. We will attempt to get audio on here later in the day.

  9. Good job by Steve on the radio this morning. For once, Deener wasn’t butting in every five seconds. Maybe it’s because he’s in New York. Maybe they can keep him.

  10. I followed this contest rather closely, voting as often as I could. Your creative approaches were quite imaginative and entertaining. It was amazing how most of the web sites in Louisville joined in the effort, knowing how competitive some of them are. You are to be congratulated for that as well. But most of all for your comprehensive approach that carried the day when the ultimate winner was being decided. Congratulations.

  11. Congrats Steve on winning. I read your story and found it compelling. I wrote a post on Card Chronicle encouraging everyone to get on board and decided to start everyday by checking the numbers and voting for you. Not sure how the vote tally worked exactly but I confess to pressing the “Vote for Steve” button 400 times one morning, just to see if they would register. Hope it helped. Enjoy the car and GO CARDS!

      1. Nope. Trigger finger works just fine. Keep up the great work. Love the site. GO CARDS!

  12. It really was a team effort from a lot of people out there. It was very special getting help from all the major UofL blogs together uniting for my cause! LSR, ITV, Card Dominance, Card Chronicle, Cardinal Couple, heck there’s probably another one or two I’m leaving off right now. They all pitched in and helped. Even a couple of my UK buddies begrudgingly voted and commented on some articles. 🙂

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