Paying Homage To Tobias Harris

he good news is that Tobias Harris, one of the top ranked players in the class of 2010 basketball recruits, has the University of Louisville on his list of potential schools.

The bad news is that the 6-foot-8 prospect from Long Island also has 10 other schools on the list. Coaches from all of them are scheduled for in-home visits over the next the next few weeks.

The other discouraging news is that Kentucky (the Nike factory outlet)  and Syracuse (winner of the Fab Melo lottery) are on the list.

Here’s the schedule:

Wednesday, Sept. 9 — Kentucky
Thursday, Sept. 10 — Georgia Tech
Friday, Sept. 11 — Notre Dame
Saturday, Sept. 12 — Syracuse (noon)
Saturday, Sept. 12 — Connecticut (3 p.m.)
Saturday, Sept. 12 — Louisville (6 p.m.)
Sunday, Sept. 13 — St. John’s (3 p.m.)
Sunday, Sept. 13 — Tennessee (6 p.m.)
Monday, Sept. 14 — Oklahoma
Tuesday, Sept. 15 — West Virginia
Wednesday, Sept. 16 — Maryland

Small wonder so many schools think they have a special “in” with this player. He loves to entertain, and is flattered by scholarship offers.

One would hope the process gets a little old after the sixth visit, and he’s ready to make a decision.

Jurich’s Warning Wasted On The Rabid

Tom Jurich warned University of Louisville football fans three weeks before the season began that the next two seasons would be rebuilding years. Fans heard him, grumbled and complained while indicating they had actually listened and understood what he said.

The season began with the Cards having only nine players with starting experience in the opening lineup against Kentucky.  A youthful inexperienced group on players on both sides of the line. A green quarterback was calling signals, one who had started a few games a couple of years ago but played less than five minutes last season.

Through their first seven games, they showed signs of improvement, fans taking note of what appeared to be significant improvement in defense, the quarterback slowly growing into his starting position despite all his fumbles and interceptions. Then, amazingly, their team defeated the 14th ranked team in the country.

The fans figured that Jurich had simply been trying to lower expectations, that the Cards were already back on the fast track again, picking up a few votes in the national polls. Conference title expectations, visions of a bowl game, happy days were here again.

The Lady  Cards opened their
season with a 94-69 win in an
exhibition game. See Sonja’s report.

Wrong. The Syracuse debacle  left no doubt that much work remains to be done. Maybe Jurich knew what he was talking about when he said he just wanted to get through the rebuilding period.

Hello. Was anybody listening? The reaction of many fans to the unexpected loss had reached a crescendo on the message boards before the game was over and hasn’t let up since. They were among the many folks who traveled to Miami for an Orange Bowl less than two years ago. They had arrived only to be deserted by a vagabond coach whom this observer firmly believes hunted new jobs more vigorously than he recruited new players.

This particular group of fans refuse to believe another coach would have had a similar experience with Bobby Petrino’s leftovers. Any fan brave enough to admit he or she wants to see beyond the current frustration to better days down the road is instantly labeled a Kragthorpe apologist.

Can you imagine the reaction of potential recruits? They visit the school, like the coach, get to know the players, like the dormitory and campus. Out  of curiosity, they check the message boards. What they find are people calling for firings, some actually hoping the team loses more games to expedite terminations while urging other fans to stay away from games.

These same fans wonder why recruiting is a challenge, naively thinking they have no role in a recruit’s perception of the school. Not saying the chronic complainers are in any way responsible for the disappointing season. But they are not helping to make the two-year rebuilding process any easier either.

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