Harry Douglas’ Kid Brother Pursues NBA

How did Toney Douglas, the brother of former University of Louisville receiver Harry Douglas, go largely unnoticed by most Card fans for four years playing basketball at Florida State?

Toney, a foot-2 guard averaged 21.5 points per game for the Seminoles this past season and was the 29th pick in the NBA draft, going to the New York Knicks. Harry, of course, is now playing for the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL.

They had an interesting sibling rivalry, which is nicely chronicled in a new New York Times piece, from which is excerpted:

“The backyard basketball games always ended with Toney rushing inside in a flood of tears after taking elbows and a beating from Harry, his elder by 18 months. Harry, grinning, soon followed inside their home in Jonesboro, Ga.

“Toney would come in crying and saying, ‘Daddy, Daddy,’ ” said Harry Douglas III, their father. “Then Harry would come in, smiling and saying, ‘Daddy, I beat him, 140-4.’ ”

“After Toney calmed down, his father would tell him that in the end, the games would make him tougher.”

*     *     *

Mark Story, Lexington Herald-Leader:  “When Kentucky’s standout defensive end Jeremy Jarmon was suspended for his entire senior season after testing positive for a substance banned by the NCAA, it left the Wildcats with only one returning starter (tackle Corey Peters) on its defensive line and zero proven ends.”

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If you were among the viewers who thought the six-overtime Syracuse-UConn basketball game in the Big East Tournament would never end, you were right. The game has been immortalized by the Big East in a new web site, www.sixovertimes.com, featuring an introduction video and synopsis of each overtime period, with over 10 minutes of video. Syracuse won, 127-117.

Head Trainer Leaving Louisville Football

The swinging doors continue at the University of Louisville football complex, with the start of pre-season practice scheduled to begin Aug. 5th.

Dwayne Treolo
Dwayne Treolo

This time the person leaving is Dwayne Treolo, who has been the Head Trainer of the U of L football program since 1993. He left a job as an assistant trainer at UCLA to come work with Coach Howard Schnellenberger.

Treolo told Card Game that he is leaving to accept a sales position with Donjoy Orthopedics, a leading global provider of rehab devices, including knee braces. He assumes his new job on August 1, and will continue to live in the Louisville area.

Treolo always exhibited a distinguished presence on the Louisville sidelines, working closely with many players over the years. Michael Bush and Brian Brohm were two of his favorites, requiring ongoing attention for serious injuries. He has obviously been intricately involved in the rehabilitation of current players Scott Long and Trent Guy.

He said his decision to leave was not an easy one to make, and he wishes U of L well.

Still Another Louisville Football Verbal

They’re coming in a flurry.

Cleo Robinson, a defensive end from Paul VI in Haddonfield, NJ, has made an oral commitment to play football at the University of Louisville. The 6-foot-11/2, 220-pound Robinson said he informed the Louisville coaches Friday.

He told the Philadelphia Inquirer:

“Louisville had my major in engineering, which was a plus,” said Robinson, who carries a 3.8 grade-point average. “Plus it’s a good conference, good football program, and I feel a great opportunity.”

Robinson, a first-team all-Burlco/Olympic Conference Patriot Division choice on defense, also plays tight end but said that Louisville recruited him to be a linebacker.

Robinson said he also was considering Rutgers, Maryland, Temple, Pitt, Villanova, Penn and Harvard.

Papa John’s Construction Update

Papa-John's-ConstructionA great day to visit the site of Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium where construction continues full speed ahead, with less than a month and a half before the opening of the University of Louisville’s 2009 football season. From the observer’s unprofessional eye, the steel framework appears to be in place for all but one section of the east side of the stadium. For a larger view and possibly a computer wallpaper, click here.


The expansion will take seating capacity up to 55,000 more or less and will be ready for the 2010 season.

Louisville Offensive Line Not Seeking Attention

By Paul Sykes

A lot of truth in the old saying that the more we know about something, the more questions we have about it. What we do know about the University of Louisville offensive line is that Eric Wood and George Bussey will not be a part of it this season.

From that fact onward, a lot of questions still need to be answered. Fall practice will answer a few of the them, undoubtedly…but we might need to get Jeff Foxworthy and a few fifth graders down on campus to figure out the rest.

'Offensive linemen are the Rodney Dangerfields of college football. When things are going well for an offense, they're ignored and taken for granted.'

Depth charts are subject to change. The dilemma posed by the offensive line depth chart is that names are popping up in more than one position. In the situations of Greg Tomczyk and Jeff Adams at tackle, we find that Byron Stingily is backing up both of them. Byron’s going to be a busy young man. Mark Wetterer and Abdul Kuyateh are listed as the starting guards. Mario Benevides at center.

Names you’re not familiar with? Tell me about it.  You’ve got to love the Stingily name, however.

Offensive linemen are the Rodney Dangerfields of college football.  When things are going well for an offense, they’re ignored and taken for granted. When things implode, fingers start getting pointed about horrible pass protection and inabilities to open holes. Ex-UofL lineman Will Rabatin once told me that offensive linemen could be compared to pawns in the game of chess. Always the first to engage, no big deal if one goes down, and limited in their movements.

The size is there, if you look at the depth charts. The numbers bolstered by jucos and red shirts.  The talent and skill have yet to be rated or tested.

The bottom line is this: If Victor Anderson, Doug Beaumont, Scott Long and the quarterbacks have success this year, the line will go unnoticed. If they don’t, then the lineman will get the blame.

And you thought your job was tough?