Rick Pitino Not Going Anywhere

University of Louisville basketball fans held their collective breath as Rick Pitino leaned over the podium, dark lines prominent under his eyes. Would he stay or would he go, giving Karen Sypher, the accused and accuser, the satisfaction of seeing him humiliated.

Noting that he has apologized to his family every single day since the incident with Sypher occurred six years ago, Pitino apologized for his indiscretion to his extended family, the players, his recruits, the Louisville fans, university officials, even the media.

Pitino once again confirmed his commitment to the university:

“I plan on  accomplishing one thing … coaching here at the University of Louisville as long as I can physically maintain the passion for the game of basketball, which is stronger than when I was a head coach at 24 years of age. I love the game, I love my players, I love the university, as well as this community … and I will try to go little further than the Elite Eights for many years to come.”

With that, Louisville fans exhaled for the first time in 24 hours, knowing, however, that the basketball program under Pitino’s guidance will never be quite the same.

Here’s the Courier-Journal video:

What Now For Rick Pitino?

By Sonja Sykes

So the dirty rumors have finally been confirmed.

As a member of the Catholic faith like Rick, I know abortions don’t endear you to the parish priest. I can’t condone Ms. Sypher’s action. If it’s true that he financed the abortion, Pitino is just as guilty as her. Adultery is strike two. Our faith and the Ten Commandments teach us that this is wrong.

Abortion is murder. Adultery always hurts more than the parties involved. If it had been Billy Bob and Sarah Jo in Radcliff, it would have drawn little more than a passing shrug. What make this case worse is that Pitino is a widely recognized public figure and a molder of young men.

In my opinion, the ramifications extend far beyond stepping into the confessional and confiding to the priest. Is the offense serious enough to take his coaching job away? Does he resign? Is it the reason Ralph Willard was summoned?

Sides will be drawn. There will be the inevitable one liners, crude jokes and the taunts and pointing fingers of opposing fans, creating a distraction for the family, Louisville players and Card fans.

We listen to sermons about forgiveness, about he who is without sin casting the first stone. Is redemption possible in all of this? We know about the Pitino “spin doctoring” abilities with the media. Let’s see how he turns this. Let’s see how we respond.

*    *    *

Pitino Appearance Cancelled — Samford University has announced that the university and Pitino have mutually agreed to cancel a luncheon speech Pitino was scheduled to deliver on Sept. 10 at the Birmingham school.

Pitino Gives Details Of Sypher Affair To Police

The only good thing about this basketball news it that the story didn’t break on the Thursday before the University of Louisville’s football opener, as many big basketball stories have in the past.

Andrew Wolfson of the Courier-Journal has finally broken the story on Rick Pitino’s involvement with Karen Sypher from Pitino’s interview with the Louisville Metro Police. The C-J story, pretty straight forward, is here.  A little juicier version is over on Deadspin.

Whoever said the truth will set you free could never have imagined the Internet or fan message boards.

Fab Melo’s Reading File

One more thought on the Fab Melo recruiting process:

Who among us doubts that J. Bruce Miller’s article in the Courier-Journal berating the University of Louisville was not shown to Fab Melo by the other schools recruiting him? The CJ’s link no longer works but part of his article is quoted in my original reaction, which includes some followup from Miller.

Who doubts hat the article has been translated into at least four different languages by now?

Or who believes that under no circumstances would a Melo ever see all the followup letters poking holes in Miller’s assertions?

Not saying Miller diatribe was the final deciding factor, but it was not helpful either.

Thanks again, Bruce.

Golf With Wiley Brown, Scooter McCray

Dust off the clubs, and play with two University of Louisville basketball greats.

Wiley Brown and Scooter McCray invite U of L fans to join them for golf in a fundraising effort for Indiana University-Southeast athletics. Wiley and Scooter are coach and assistant coach, respectively, of the IUS basketball team.

You can challenge them in two events: Monday, Aug. 31st at the Jefferson Elks Lodge and/or Monday, Sept. 14th at the Glen Oaks Country Club. A $125 entry fee includes includes golf, lunch,range balls, door prizes and a hole-in-one prize of a new car from Sam Swope. Registration is at 11:30 a.m., followed by lunch, with golf starting at 1 p.m.

Go ahead. Call Wiley at (812) 941-2515 or e-mail him at brown434@ius.edu.

*    *   *

Angel At Work — The Atlanta Dream has evened its record in the WNBA at 10-10 with three wins in a row, with a lot of help from Angel McCoughtry. After averaging 8.8 points through her first 17 games, Angel has managed 17.7 points on 54.2 percent shooting in her past three appearances.

*    *    *

Last Fab Melo Item — Fab Melo’s coach discusses the recruitment of his star pupil in this audio link. Did his visit during Vice President Joe Biden’s appearance at the Carrier Dome play a role? A reminder of the impressionability and unpredictability of teenagers in making decisions. Biden is a Syracuse grad.