Cal State Fullerton Ejects Louisville, 11-2


Aggressive, unconventional.

Good hitters, great base runners, exceptional pitching.

A team that closely resembles the 2007 version of University of Louisville baseball, brought an end to one of the best seasons in Louisville history with Cal State Fullerton’s 11-2 win over U of L Saturday in a two-game sweep at the Fullerton Super Regional.

The major difference is that Cal State Fullerton has long been a baseball factory, having been to the College World Series 12 times, winning it in 2004. CSF exposed some weaknesses in the Cardinal program. And you can bet Louisville coach Dan McDonnell was taking copious notes.

While U of L’s 47-18 won-lost record is impressive — the best in the school’s history — the saving grace in the disappointing showing at Fullerton in the long run may be the lessons learned. This program has advanced so far so fast but so much more to be done.

McDonnell will bring this Louisville baseball program back unless, God forbid, another one lures him away.

Regional Baseball Tickets To Be Had

Amazingly, reserved seats, including chairbacks and bleachers, are still available for the Louisville NCAA Baseball Regional Tournament, as of Thursday Noon. Berm seating is also available. Call 852-5151.

This is probably the only seating chart available on the World Wide Web for the reserved seating  areas at Jim Patterson Stadium. If you have tickets and your section isn’t listed, your seats are in newly installed bleachers — two on the left field side, one on the right field side — or in the berm area.

Sorry chuggers, no coolers for this NCAA event.