Crum’s Revenge: Louisville schooling UK

Lots of things to savor in Mike Lindsay’s latest video recapturing the University of Louisville football team’s 38-24 win over Kentucky …

The slow mo’s, the stop action, the repetition, so many big UofL plays.

Total domination after those initial interceptions.

Lamar Jackson toying with the annihilated Kentucky defense, shocked and so inadequate.

Closeups of confused and frustrated UK fans, wanting to be anywhere but at Commonwealth Stadium.

Credit: FIVE from @CrumsRevenge on Vimeo.

Louisville sends Kentucky football back to obscurity

Thanksgiving weekend ending on a downer.

Kentucky fans gloating, preparing to make life miserable for Louisville fans.

The game was going south in a hurry, UK driving 75 yards for a touchdown on its first drive, intercepting two Kyle Bolin passes, jumping out to a 21-0 lead over the University of Louisville.

The Governor's Cup belong to UofL for fifth year in a row.
The Governor’s Cup to UofL for fifth year in a row.

The worst fear of UofL football, badly needing a win over UK to achieve a winning record. Needing the win to ensure a losing record for UK. Having to win to tie the all-time series at 14-14. Wanting to deny UK a legitimate shot at a bowl game

All these objectives at serious risk with Kentucky on its way to burying Louisville on the first three possessions. Threatening to crush this UofL football team, sending the program back to the dark ages. This was a UK team going nowhere over the past seven weeks, not going anywhere in the post season. Not a program to which any self-respecting program wants to lose.

Louisville wasn’t about to quit, however, overcoming a 21-point deficit for 38-24 win over Kentucky. There is life again for UofL football. No groveling for Louisville fans, no harrassing of Uofl fans by Kentucky fans.

Kyle Bolin, probably appearing in his last ever starting role for UofL, throwing interceptions to Kentucky players on Louisville’s first two possessions. Playing in his home town, in Lexington, before friends and family, caught in the headlights, losing focus. Not the same Kyle Bolin who led UofL to a comeback win over UK last season. The total opposite, this Kyle Bolin.

Had Bolin not gotten off to such an abysmal start, Lamar Jackson might still be awaiting his chance on the sideline. Coach Bobby Petrino had no alternative but send in his enigmatic freshman quarterback.

Whether he’s on your team or on the opposing team, Lamar Jackson is totally unpredictable. Not sure whether he even knows the offense, or if he needs to know the plays with his football savvy, those moves of his, and that incredible speed. No way were the Wildcats prepared for what he brought to the game.

Jackson would run for 186 yards and pass for 130 more, accounting for 316 of his team’s 489 yards. He would pass for one touchdown and rush for two touchdowns, making the Kentucky defenders look foolish, according to UK coach Mark Stoops.

Jackson getting some help from Brandon Radcliff, both as a featured running back and decoy. Radcliff would rush for 62 yards and two touchdowns, taking advantage of UK’s preoccupation with Lamar Jackson.

So Thanksgiving weekend ends with still more reasons to give thanks, with the UK threat having been extinguished. the UK fans humbled once more, refused a golden opportunity to end the four-year losing streak, and denied a chance to assert their authority in all things over Louisville. Keep dreaming, Cat fans.

Duke is making inroads

If it’s not going to be UofL, let it be Duke.

What a nice ending to the 2015 NCAA basketball tournament, with a team from the Atlantic Coast Conference winning it all. Four days ago the outlook for a satisfactory was somewhat bleak.

Hard to pull against Wisconsin, featuring a seven-foot Roger Burkman look-alike, but the Badgers left their mark on the tournament by putting Kentucky on the sidelines. Representing the best in college amateurism, they quickly became beloved in Louisville, .

Despite the mixed feelings, UofL fans had to be pulling for Duke — the still new conference brother and bitterly hated by a rival fan base — making the tournament outcome that much sweeter.

Don’t look now UK fans, but someone is creeping up on you. Kentucky, with many fans already counting their ninth title before the 2015 tournament began, still has eight. Duke now has five.

All’s well that ends well.

*    *    *

The UofL baseball team shut out Virginia 4-0 Monday, the fourth series sweep in a row over ACC teams. The Cardinals are on top of the Atlantic Division with a 13-1 conference mark and are 24-7 overall. They travel to Duke this weekend for a three-game series.

First, however, comes a rivalry game against Kentucky on Wednesday night at 6 p.m. The rivalry games are usually packed so arrive early.

New chapter for Louisville and Duke

Welcome to Louisville, Duke. This is one town in Kentucky that has the utmost respect for your basketball program.

Never mind the Univeristy of Kentucky hate-mongers in our midst. They’re still feeling the pain from the Christian Laetner shot in 1992 that felled their idols in the closing seconds for the East Regional championship. 10987654321

What a relief that was for Louisville fans, watching a team coming off two years of probation get sent back to Lexington. That was Rick Pitino’s first season as UK coach, proving he could compete at the highest levels with an assemblage of perceived leftovers and wannabes.

Duke has long been considered by UofL fans to be a premier program, not only in terms of NCAA championships and number of wins, but in the way the program has been managed. Appearing in 15 final fours, 10 national championship games, winning four national titles, most of them during Coach Mike Krzyzewski’s tenure. A clean program, devoid of NCAA probations during Coach K’s 35 seasons.

Duke owns 5-4 edge in meetings between the basketball programs, but Louisville has won four of the last five games — including a 72-69 win in the 1986 championship and an 85-63 regional bracket win en route to a third NCAA championship in 2013.

Great to see two great programs finally coming together, beginning a new chapter in the ACC.