Kyle Kuric lightens up Louisville presser

Kyle Kuric turns out to be the highlight of Rick Pitino’s press conference, looking for all the world like a happy-go-lucky college kid as he enters the room, wearing his Final Four Adidas cap backwards. At least, it used to be considered backwards.

Kenny Klein

The University of Louisville senior manages to answer a couple of questions before Kenny Klein, the sports information director, makes a quick motion with his hands, quietly suggesting to Kuric that it might be a good idea to remove the head gear.

“Huh?” he says, with a surprised look at Klein. Hand gesture again. “Ah, okay.”

Kuric is asked the predictable questions about the upcoming match up with the Kentucky basketball team in the first game of the NCAA Final Four. He responds with the predictable answers:

“Yeah UK is a great team, maybe the best team we’ll play all year.”

“I heard about the rivalry while I was growing up. It is more fun being a part of it.”

When asked if the coaches prepare differently for Kentucky, he says the coaches are a lot more serious and practices are much more intense during weeks leading up to the game.  “We usually have a lot of fun, but practices during those weeks kind of suck,” he says.

What about all that fun you’re supposed to be having?

“Practice is serious,” he says. “We have fun duing games.”

He follows Rick Pitino, Chris Smith and Chane Behanan, each of them answering one question after another and another about Kentucky and the rivalry. One has the distinct feeling that coach and team are getting tired of talking about the Lexington team. They can’t admit that, of course, not wanting to give Big Blue any bulletin board material.

No end from the continuing speculation, analysis and predictions from local and national sports media, classmates, family, friends and neighbors.

Admittedly, U of L crashed the party, UK was going to be there all along. But one has to admit that Final Four week would be much more fun (not so irritable) without having to share the headlines and the spotlight with a dreaded rival.

There’s only one chance to shut it down for a while. That doesn’t come until Saturday.

Word From Kenny Klein

[stextbox id=”custom”]University of Louisville Vice-President and Director of Athletics Tom Jurich will have a news conference to address the Cardinals’ head football coaching vacancy today at 4:00 p.m. in the media lounge of Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium.

Note: television production personnel may use the pre-cabled triaxial, coaxial and xlr audio connections from the television truck pad to the visiting television booth (Booth 518) or home television booth (Booth 514) on the fifth floor for the event if interested.

Wireless internet service is available in the press box. U of L Asst. SID Garett Wall will be available to assist with any specific needs on site (cell: 502-553-8030).


Louisville Football: Opening Game Memos

Okay staff. The big week has finally arrived at the University of Louisville. The football team is psyched. The die-hards are chomping at the proverbial bit. The fair weathers are even excited. Just a few minor details that need to be taken care of before the season opener:

  • To Steve Kragthorpe: No defections this week.
  • To Tom Jurich: For making the stadium expansion a reality, thanks. But a little more detail on the projected seating capacity would be nice. Like a number.
  • To Howie Lindsey, Louisville Sports Report: Get a web cam focused on Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium expansion. Your office is just across the street for gosh sake.
  • To K.C. Scull, stadium manager: Don’t place Porta Pots in the main walkway of the Green Lot. They stink and the lines are too long.
  • To Kenny Klein, sports information director: Don’t allow Rick Pitino to goad you into releasing the basketball schedule this week … Hide the plug if anyone wants to hold a spontaneous press conference on any topic other than football.
  • To Steve Kragthorpe: No cliches, before or after the game.