Louisville’s Katie George reigns as Miss Kentucky USA

It has happened. A University of Louisville student has been named Miss Kentucky USA.

Katie with the L sign for UofL fans.
Miss Kentucky with the L sign for University of Louisville fans.

Katie George, a junior setter on the UofL volleyball team, was selected from 17 candidates during the finale at the Ursuline Arts Center in Louisville on Sunday. The contest was her first as a beauty contestant.

Not to be confused with the Miss America competition, she’s now eligible to compete for Miss Universe against women from the other 49 states.

“I can’t tell you what just happened to me. I’ve never been in a pageant before and I’ve never worn a crown, but this is a pretty amazing feeling,” she said. “So I am excited to represent the Commonwealth of Kentucky.”

George, who majors in communications and sports administration, was a first team All-Atlantic Coast Conference member following the 2014 season. She’s also a familiar face at UofL baseball games, working on promotional activities between innings.

She’s awarded the crown in the second half of the video:

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Staphan-Van-TreeseWinning an NCAA basketball championship leads to all kinds of celebrity and gigs. Look where it led for Stephan Van Treese, the backup center. He had a chance to work with Katie George, a setter for the volleyball team and promotions director for the University of Louisville baseball team, tossing bags of free peanuts to fans Thursday during the season-ending series against Pittsburgh.