Free throw shooting coming around for some Louisville players

Wake Forest

Free throw shooting is apparently getting more attention during University of Louisville practice sessions, with UofL connecting on 86 of 110 attempts over the past five games.

Just in time for UofL’s first men’s basketball game ever Sunday as a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference at Wake Forest at 8 p.m. photoo= photo

The Cardinals were making free throws at a clip of 78.2 percent during the five-game streak, a vast improvement over 59% during the first eight games. For the season, they’re are now at 65% at the charity stripe.

Terry Rozier led the way, with 29 of 35 for 85.3, followed by Chris Jones, 17 of 20 for 85%, Montrezl Harrell 7 of 10 for 70%, Wayne Blackshear 18 of 27 for 66.7%, and Anas Mahmoud 4 of 4 for 100%.

Blackshear has actually slipped a bit during that period but remains the leading free throw shooter for the season, with 43 of 58 for 74.1%. A couple of those misses standing out, two clunkers in three attempts with 1:32 remaining in the nail biter against Kentucky.

Rick Pitino may want to consider giving Mangok Mathiang a little extra time at the line. He’s good for only eight of 20 attempts for 40%.