Another Papa John’s Expansion Update

Which University of Louisville football fanatic doesn’t want to see yet another video of the stadium expansion? It’s a little shaky because (multiple choice): 1. The observer had given his film crew the day off,  2. The ground was moving because of the great football recruiting class or 3. The observer was walking around and it was cold outside.

Getting It Started

The stadium stalker may have discovered clear evidence that things are going to start happening soon at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. The backhoe’s big brothers will be along shortly to handle the heavy lifting. The observer has heard estimates of upward expansion of between 53,000 and 57,000 for the first phase. Nobody seems to know for sure, possibly depending on how low steel and oil prices go — the lower the better. The best news of all may be that interest rates are at historic lows. Hey, Tom, if the economy keeps dumping, maybe only one phase would be needed to get it to 63,000 seats.